Behind the Brand: How to Rebrand Like a Goddess

Marketing your business without the “ick” factor?

Rebecca here, IGC’s Director of Marketing Mastery, and I have a question for you: Does promoting your coaching or healing business online ever feel like… Too much work? Too complicated? Too expensive? Too competitive? Too far out of your zone of genius? Too

Stop calling me fearless

Fearless. Do you hate that word as much as I do? Shannon Whaley here, Leader at Inner Glow Circle. I want you to know that I am NOT fearless. I feel alllll the fear when I’m making big decisions. I choose to make the decisions

Oh $#!% I’m pregnant…

Olivia Chapman here, Executive Director of Training at Inner Glow Circle. Who says you can’t have it all? I’m no Law of Attraction expert (oh, wait, I kind of am), but I know that the the first step to “having it all” means

Want to land clients you love + fill your 1 on 1 practice?

Rebecca Rubin here, IGC’s Director of Marketing Mastery.   Today I’m excited to announce a special invite to a new video series I’ve created just for you called, “Get your first paid clients (like, yesterday!).” [...]

The most dangerous game: comparison.

Alexis Bethel here, Inner Glow Circle's Executive Director of Mastermind. The coaching industry is growing rapidly - which is amazing. But as it grows, I seem to hear more and more of the comparison game [...]

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We all fail, and it’s o.k.

Kelly Atwood here, Inner Glow Circle's Director of Spiritual Wealth. Sometimes in life, it feels like we are in labor. Glorious, messy, long, bloody, time consuming labor.  From a creative standpoint, this can be an exciting [...]

How to Get Your Message out of Your Heart + into the World

Rebecca Rubin here, IGC’s Director of Marketing. I wanted to drop in to tell you a story about a past client of mine (we’ll call her Emily). Emily is a reiki practitioner, and like so [...]

We Only Have 26 Open Seats at the Table…

Katie DePaola, Founder + CEO of Inner Glow Circle, here. We still have 26 seats open in our May, June + July Glow Coach Training collectives! Is one of them for you? Although it feels [...]

Why 80% is the New Perfect

If you're anything like me, Erin Heldmann (who you heard from yesterday) and the other 1000+ powerful women who have joined our tribe, you may have fallen victim to the Perfection Epidemic. What exactly is this [...]

Girl, Quit Trying to Be Perfect!

I'm Erin Heldmann. Leader, coach, trainer...and recovering perfectionist.  It actually took me three weeks to finish writing this piece -- and that’s progress! What was I doing when I wasn't writing (other than beating myself up [...]

The Hottest Trend of 2016: Empowering Women

Shannon Bretz here, your Director of Women's Empowerment at Inner Glow Circle. There are many paths to becoming empowered. For me, my journey with life coaching made it possible. As I reflect back to my first [...]

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