Start Making Money as a Coach Honestly, running a business that's based in coaching is really simple. You don't need to do a ton of stuff to start making money. You don't need a lot of volume. You can [...]

Your Invitation to IGC’s FREE Monthly Masterclass!

A couple weeks ago I let you know that we were rolling out a new (and free!) monthly training for aspiring, new and veteran coaches. With that, The IGC Monthly Masterclass is here! We really [...]

you asked for it…a special invitation for you.

I've got something exciting to tell you about! As you know, we've redesigned and improved our Coach Training Program extensively over the past year. We are truly committed to being the first and only coach [...]

How can you have a powerful 2017? Choose it.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to guest teach our fall coach training class while Olivia, our program co-founder and director of training, was on vacation. You actually heard from Olivia last week [...]

I let things get really bad before I decided to change them

One of the scariest moments of my life was when I knew that the life I was living was not in alignment with what I wanted. I remember the exact moment I realized that I [...]

Want to experience the ripple effect of coaching?

The real reason I got into teaching 12 years ago was to be a catalyst for a massive ripple effect that I also want YOU to experience today. Consider this: What happens when someone learns [...]

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Because you give a damn

Olivia Chapman here, Inner Glow Circle's Director of Training. Over the last year, I have poured my heart and soul into our Glow Coach Training program. I've reviewed each lesson and streamlined our process to [...]

How I Learned to Stop Lying to Myself

Shannon Bretz here, IGC's Director of Women's Empowerment. I have something to confess. I decided to go through a coach training program purely as a search for personal transformation in my own life. That's right. [...]

We Only Have 26 Open Seats at the Table…

Katie DePaola, Founder + CEO of Inner Glow Circle, here. We still have 26 seats open in our May, June + July Glow Coach Training collectives! Is one of them for you? Although it feels [...]

The Power of Perspective

Sweet sister, Welcome back! A week ago, I left sunny LA to head back to to snowy Washington, DC. It was SO helpful to get out of my day to day + mix up my routine. [...]

Ready to Do What You Love?!

Hey Goddess! It’s Rebecca Rubin writing. I’m the Director of Marketing Training here at Inner Glow Circle and I primarily work with new coaches who want to get their first paid clients (like, yesterday!) and [...]

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