Is the Coaching Industry Just a Huge Scam?

If you've ever wondered if the coaching industry is just a huge scam, you're not alone. The more time I spend scrolling my Facebook newsfeed and watching Instagram stories, the more I question the integrity [...]

How can you have a powerful 2017? Choose it.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to guest teach our fall coach training class while Olivia, our program co-founder and director of training, was on vacation. You actually heard from Olivia last week [...]

Stop calling me fearless

Fearless. Do you hate that word as much as I do? Shannon Whaley here, Leader at Inner Glow Circle. I want you to know that I am NOT fearless. I feel alllll the fear when I’m making big decisions. I choose to make the decisions

How standing in love can create change

Heather Allison here, Leader at Inner Glow Circle. If you’re anything like me, the recent events of the world have spun you into a dizzying cycle of fear, anger, sadness, and a new kind of paralysis that you may not be

Because you give a damn

Olivia Chapman here, Inner Glow Circle's Director of Training. Over the last year, I have poured my heart and soul into our Glow Coach Training program. I've reviewed each lesson and streamlined our process to [...]

On love and truth

Alexis Bethel here, Inner Glow Circle's Director of Mastermind. Once upon a time, I had it all. The career, the perfect boyfriend, the amazing education, the looks, the…[you name it]. Everything should have been right. I [...]

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How I Learned to Stop Lying to Myself

Shannon Bretz here, IGC's Director of Women's Empowerment. I have something to confess. I decided to go through a coach training program purely as a search for personal transformation in my own life. That's right. [...]

How to Get Your Message out of Your Heart + into the World

Rebecca Rubin here, IGC’s Director of Marketing. I wanted to drop in to tell you a story about a past client of mine (we’ll call her Emily). Emily is a reiki practitioner, and like so [...]

Life Can Be a Hot Mess

Hey love, Welcome to another beautiful day, goddess.We are just a week away from our BIG event! I LOVE Shannon Whaley -- one of our amazing IGC Leaders, who you heard from on Wednesday. This [...]

Why 80% is the New Perfect

If you're anything like me, Erin Heldmann (who you heard from yesterday) and the other 1000+ powerful women who have joined our tribe, you may have fallen victim to the Perfection Epidemic. What exactly is this [...]

The Hottest Trend of 2016: Empowering Women

Shannon Bretz here, your Director of Women's Empowerment at Inner Glow Circle. There are many paths to becoming empowered. For me, my journey with life coaching made it possible. As I reflect back to my first [...]

Why I Lost My Voice + How I Got It Back

I lost my voice for an entire year. As an elementary school teacher, I would harshly whisper my way through my days. By Saturday, I'd be on house arrest because speaking at all was painful. [...]

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