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IGC Open Masterclasses (Free): Brand new! Inner Glow Circle just launched a series of FREE Masterclasses completely open to the public. These Masterclasses include topics such as How to Tell Your Story and Impact People Around the World, How Life Coach Training Can Expand Your Healing Business and How to Stop Listening to Your Own Excuses and Take Action Now. Tune in LIVE for these classes at the Inner Glow Circle Facebook page.

Mastermind Group Coaching: Each month, IGC features 13 group coaching calls open to all Members. These calls are led by graduates of IGC’s ICF Accredited coach training program who have joined IGC’s Leaders Rising program. This unique offering provides new students with the opportunity to learn from seasoned coaches, see examples of how to build a coaching business and receive coaching from women who have taken the IGC curriculum and made it theirs, mastering their own style, voice and business model.

Mastermind Masterclass: Each month, members receive the opportunity to engage directly with CEO Katie DePaola and COO Liv Chapman as they deliver a deep dive into business building, coaching skills and entrepreneurial development. This class serves as the core training on the IGC competency of the month. It’s live streamed in the members-only Mastermind Group, and members are invited to participate in real time by asking questions and sharing their unique experiences with the topic. The Monthly Masterclass breaks down the most common coaching, business and personal branding questions to deliver practical solutions, systems and approaches for students to grow their businesses and make the greatest impact possible.

Leaders Rising Monthly Training: This comprehensive 90-minute training is for women in the Leaders Rising program and serves as the core curriculum for development of their coaching technique and personal brand. Led by CEO Katie DePaola, this training is hosted via live stream in the Leaders Rising private Facebook group. The trainings are in alignment with the ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential and each month focuses on a reinforcement of a specific ICF Core Competency through the lens of mindset mastery. Lessons include The Art of Group Coaching, Exploring the Provocative + Professional and Agreements, Standards + Your Brand.

Leaders Rising Group Coaching (Sophia, Louise and Beyonce): After completing IGC’s ICF Accredited Coach Training, students have the opportunity to participate in Leaders Rising. This program guides graduates as they upvolve into their next level as coaches and entrepreneurs. Led by Founder and CEO, Katie DePaola, the program teaches women how to rise into their power, find their resilience, reinvest their resources and realize the truth of who they are. Ranging from six months to six years in business, participants are placed in small groups for more intimate monthly coaching, named after the original #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso, the visibility powerhouse, Beyonce Knowles and the ​iconic mother of self-help, Louise Hay.

IGC Fall Coach Training: These weekly 90-minute trainings are for women currently enrolled in IGC’s Fall 2018 ICF Accredited coach training program, IGC’s 22nd, 23rd, and 24th classes. IGC’s Accredited Coach Trainers Shannon Whaley (ACC), Kelly Curtis (ACC), and Kate Ure lead their students through the 6-month journey, deepening their expertise and building their confidence as a coaches, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Half coaching technique and half personal branding, the program couples the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies with IGC’s own core competencies, such as personal branding, business development and intuition. Trainings include weekly modules, live lessons, role play, partner coaching, practice areas and hot seat-style personal attention to support students’ one-on-one mentor coaching calls with their trainer.

Train the Trainers: Led by COO and Director of Training, Liv Chapman, our Train the Trainers training session takes place every week for our ICF Accredited IGC Coach Trainers. These trainings are half program development and half marketing and sales. Ongoing training is a key value in Inner Glow Circle!

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