Set Your World on Fire

Six Goddess Tell their Stories from Struggle to Success


What is IGNITE?

IGNITE is a virtual event that will walk you through:

·   Managing Through The Mess of Life
·   Shifting Your Shoulds
·   How Perfection Keeps Us from Pleasure

And so much more.

If you’re desiring a plan, craving clarity and curious about next steps, it’s time to turn it up, goddess. In this live event, six of your favorite Inner Glow Circle leaders join together for the first-ever IGNITE women’s leadership and empowerment event.

·   Are you ready to change the messiness of your life into pure magic?
·   Is it time to stop focusing on what you should do and start honoring your real desires?
·   Do you want to hear the REAL key to happiness? (It’s SO different than you think!)
·   Are you prepared to stop holding yourself back and waiting for things to be perfect?

 We’ve got you, sister. IGNITE is our answer to your call.

Why do you need it?

We hear you, powerful woman who knows she’s made for
something bigger. Something expansive.

You feel alone in your journey. But you’re not.

You want to meet more soulful women who are up to big things. Get ready.

You need some inspiration and a good kick in the booty! Done and done.

What Others are Saying


“I attended the IGC IGNITE event. As I sat in the audience I was amazed at each of the talks given by each of the leaders. I could feel the connections being made in the audience. I could feel the flames in each of the audience members hearts being ignited, to include my own.”

 – Jennifer Bradshaw Almond



“IGC programs are a safe space. There’s no competition. There’s no judgment. It’s just a place to be.Be honest, be real, be raw, be vulnerable. That’s hard to find in this day and age, especially among women. I really struggled with feeling connected to a lot of my friends when I started my personal development journey and my business because so few understood it. But with IGC, I’m completely understood and supported and having that space has been amazing.”

 – Maura Hughes


what makes IGNITE different

IGNITE is absolutely not your average virtual event. You’ll meet six powerful women
who are changing the world in their own ways. You’ll hear their stories, including what’s raw
and real. They’ll be honest, they’ll shed a tear (or two!) and you’ll leave feeling loved up.
Your inspiration cup will be full, and your heart will be saying, “I want more of that!”

You’ll also get access to our virtual Goddess Circle where you can connect with more than
1500 women who are also making it happen on the journey towards REAL change!

what’s included in your
ignite your glow

Managing through The Mess of Life

Shifting your shoulds

From Addicted to Enlightened

What Makes You BrandFabulous

How Perfection Keeps Us from Pleasure

Becoming A Force
of Nature


Access to our virtual Goddess Circle! When you purchase IGNITE, we’ll also send you a link to join our FREE virtual Goddess Circle, with over 1500 active members across the globe.


Inspiration-Infused Workbook to guide you through each talk and support you in your very own breakthroughs!



  • You want to reignite your passion for life and start living life on purpose.
  • You’re ready to start creating your desires, saying yes to what you do want and no to what you don’t.
  • You want to start kicking @$% and taking names in life.
  • You know you need a change but don’t know exactly where to start.



  • You’re looking for something to “fix” you (you aren’t broken, so there’s nothing to fix!).
  • You can’t take a dose of laughter with your personal development.
  • You’ll start blushing if we curse or start talking about the REAL parts of life.
  • You want to stay stuck where you are (we really hope this isn’t the case!).


“Powerful. Fulfilling. Motivational. Soulful.

One of the most powerful experiences I have ever witnessed…. being surrounded by a group of women who opened their hearts to share their stories with the purpose of healing others. IGC’s mentors are women who beautifully humble themselves before others in order to provide strength for discouraged hearts. In order to encourage and develop women to find their best path in life. They are real, raw and soulful. They embrace their unique journey in life.

There is so much power in a community that empowers women to live a life worth celebrating. To finally find the courage to live with purpose! To glow from the inside out!”

 – Caroline Birgmann 




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“And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.”

– Marianne Williamson