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You’re hear to create the thing you wish existed. But you can’t get in the way of your own destiny.  You’ve got to let it happen. I’m Katie Depaola, #truthspeaker and bold visionary.

I’m a life and business coach, Founder & CEO of Inner Glow Circle and a highly intuitive entrepreneur. I believe in the power of sisterhood, and I know part of my purpose is to solve the problems of today’s spiritual woman.

But I’m not one to do it alone. Ever.

That’s why I’ve chosen to work for myself, but not by myself. When I’m surrounded by women with a shared mission, I’m motivated to keep going even when challenges come my way. I’m a goddess in process, and since you’ve found your way into our little corner of the world, I’m just going to BE REAL with you.

I built my life and business coaching practice and then Inner Glow Circle during some of the most difficult times in my life. I’m about to get vulnerable and reveal some of my biggest secrets, but only so that you’ll see there’s nothing you can’t overcome, either.

Enter: Lyme Disease

More than 15 doctors and specialists told me I was fine, “it was all in my head,” I was stressed and maybe depressed. But then, at my middle brother’s college graduation in December 2013, I lost feeling in the entire right side of my body. For years, I had followed the breadcrumbs, studied my blood work and researched medical texts. The numbness shooting from my right foot to my right shoulder was the final give away.

Right as I started filming for a potential TV opportunity, I got an appointment with one of the best Lyme doctors in the world and an official diagnosis: Lyme Disease. I’m told the meds will make me very sick, they will multiply my symptoms and I need to be diligent about detox as the Lyme makes its way out of my system.

The disease had run rampant in my body for almost a decade untreated. My doctor said he could put it into remission, but it would never completely go away. Between coaching calls, I cried, punched my pillow and made deals with God. I was angry, but knew giving up wasn’t an option. My one-on-one coaching practice was near full. I adored my clients and knew I was just starting to live into my purpose. That kept me going.

IGC Was Born

By early 2015, I was wrapping up my treatment and had created my own Team Katie (my coach, acupuncturist, spiritual teacher and personal trainer) to keep me responsible around my health and wellbeing. I felt excited about life again and decided to expand my private practice into something much bigger. Inner Glow Circle opened its doors in February 2015.

But Then, I lost My Brother

A few months after starting IGC, my baby brother died. He had just turned 20, and it was an unexpected, heart-wrenching tragedy for our entire family. A year drifted by. We built IGC’s foundational structures and were surprised by the high quality of our membership base and rave reviews so soon in the game. I focused on healing myself, building IGC and simplifying my life as much as possible. My circle became smaller but tighter, and I learned how to source support that would stay. Team Katie 2.0.

My Business Saved Me

Even on Lymey or grief-filled days, I still had somewhere to be. I had created something in my life that was worth showing up for even on the darkest of days. My business was the giant gift I gave myself but hadn’t even realized. If I didn’t call in for a team meeting or respond to a text, my team would hunt me down. “Katie, we need approval!” “Katie, can you help me with this?” “Katie, where have you been all day?!”

In therapy.
At acupuncture.
In meditation.
Talking to my coach.

With all the illness and grief, my energy tank was on empty. So…

I got better at delegating.
I hired more support.
I let go of anything that drained me.
I learned to ask for what I needed.

I worked hard to save my business, but in the end, my business saved me. If you’ve ever thought about giving up on your dream business or staying in a job, relationship or city that’s “just okay,” then listen up.

Create something in your life that won’t let you get away with just okay. A business. A baby. A book. A project. A relationship. Create the thing you wish existed, and you will wake up on purpose every single day.

I See You, Sister

I’m a businesswoman, lifestyle expert, coach and healer. I’m so fiercely committed to my vision that during my toughest year, my friend and coach Nisha Moodley told me I was the most determined person she’d ever met.

And I see you. I get you. I know you’re here for a reason. You want to start a revolution, spark a trend, create a whole new way of living and make an impact in your own unique way. You want to live life on purpose and create the thing you wish existed.

But how? And what about all the fears, feelings and frustrations that get in the way? We’ll deal with all of that. One way is blocked? Take another route. A door is closed? Great, find one that’s open. Or bust it down.

As for me, I’m standing at the top of a mountain, which at times, felt almost impossible to climb. Now, I’m in a place of respite. Peace. I can see flickers of the future that will be, and I hope you will join me in creating the magic this world undoubtedly needs.

After living in London and Australia during her college years, Katie graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Human and Organizational Development and a concentration in Women and Gender Studies, where she focused on business development, women’s issues and diversity. Inner Glow Circle is her third business. Her first was organic spray tanning, followed by her private life and business coaching practice, which still keeps her active today. She has served on the board of the Step Up Women’s Network as well as the Tranquil Space Foundation, and currently for Bo’s Effort, a foundation started in memory of her brother. Besides doing business and diving into women’s issues, Katie loves hiking, shopping, working out, sleeping and of course, traveling the world.


“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. – Max Ehrmann

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians, long baths and of course, retail therapy 🙂

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mu_img_5A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson

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