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Our 6-month coach training program provides high touch training for women who want to change lives. It’s a personal and professional development program for women who want to enhance their coaching skills, grow their personal brand and develop a next level business strategy. Coaching is a catalyst for profound change, and the power of coaching is a domino effect, first transforming the coach and then quickly rippling into clients, relationships, families, businesses, communities and beyond.

IGC Coach Training offers 62 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and 10 ICF Mentor Coaching hours. The experience goes beyond a coach training program: it’s an actual life-changing adventure, where you get the support of an entire community of coaches, mentors, graduates and fellow entrepreneurs as you find your purpose, live it and get paid.


Founded in 2015, Inner Glow Circle’s coach training program was designed based on the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies and Ethics. From this foundation, IGC utilizes two main modalities: experiential learning and ontological coaching. We mix the practical with the spiritual, the strategic with the energetic, the doing with the being.

Experiential learning is learning through doing. By gaining experience, you generate your own learnings, reflect on them and take action based on your findings. Through testing, you learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Along the way, you observe leaders, teachers and industry experts you look up to and use their examples as inspiration, always creating your own version.

Being-based coaching asks you (and your clients) to look at who you are being in business and in life. The mindset and manifestation work that’s become so popular in the self-help industry is actually based in science and serves as the foundation for our training. You can rewire your neurology to positive thought patterns to be able to create the results you desire.

Destiny works when we do! In order to grow into the coach and entrepreneur you are meant to be, you have to show up powerfully for your clients, your business and your life, regardless of circumstances. Coach training teaches you how to become the most powerful version of yourself so you can create your coaching practice and evolve as a leader!

Included in your coach training is the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind, a LIVE community for you to practice core coaching concepts and receive powerful coaching from graduates of our program. There is a separate forum for coach training students where you can connect around your coach training insights.

We are a global education company with students all over the world, from across the United States to England, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, Cayman Islands, South Africa and beyond. Our coach training program is delivered through video and phone conferencing, as well as our online Members portal. This gives us the opportunity to connect internationally with students and gives you the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home, office or even while traveling the world. Whatever you want, it’s time to glow after it!


  • Create a business and life that you absolutely LOVE…
  • Translate your gifts into a REAL, profitable business that supports you and your dreams…
  • Recognize limiting beliefs and create transformation for yourself and your clients…
  • Design coaching packages that attract your ideal clients (and make them want to keep working with you)…
  • Understand the exciting and fast-growing business of coaching, including marketing, branding and sales…
  • Create an inspiring personal brand that attract your most ideal coaching clients…
  • Get made-for-you tools and resources to support your clients’ breakthroughs and results…
  • Learn the value of the the International Coach Federation (ICF), Code of Ethics and Core Competencies…
  • Get the confidence to start and grow a successful coaching business that totally lights you up…
  • Stop “getting ready to get ready,” do the damn thing and finally go for your dreams?!!

IGC’s Coach Training classes begin every spring and fall.

We offer a variety of class times including day, evening and weekend classes!

Register anytime for instant access to the IGC Mastermind so you can get started now.


“Coach training with IGC made me a better leader, and ultimately led me to create Poppy Row, my size inclusive clothing brand for women. So many women in IGC shared our Kickstarter and have become our clients! Due to coach training, my business feels more aligned than ever. I hadn’t expected such a monumental shift.

In a week, you can hop on a call to connect with your body, work on your marketing and get your money mindset in check. The online community is the most active I’ve ever seen. I am consistently impressed with the life-changing, deep conversations we are having. Coach Training is still one of the best investments I’ve made!

As a personal development devotee from a celebrity styling background, I knew I could go even deeper with my clients. I would invest in this training even for a lot more than I paid!”

Crystal Cave
“I had been working with clients in the nutrition counseling field for over 4 years, but something was missing. My training and education never touched on the coaching and connection piece. I knew there was something missing in my relationships with my clients, and myself.

With IGC’s Coach Training, I found the confidence, commitment, passion and determination to finally start my own online nutrition counseling business (a dream I have been considering for over 3 years)!! Thank you, Inner Glow Circle! You are my rock!

IGC’s programs offer an undeniable bond, structure, learning environment and place to grow in a sacred space with your peers. There are no judgments. No wrong opinions. There is always support where support is needed. Inner Glow Circle was the first time I ever truly decided to invest in myself, and I have never looked back.”

Ali Boone


Inner Glow Circle is the only program to deliver advanced coach training, personal development, business strategy, personal branding, online marketing and sales training all in one place. We offer 62 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) from the International Coach Federation, 10 hours of ICF eligible Mentor Coaching and a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • You’re itching to quit your boring AF job, start your own business and expand your impact on the world. You just need the right support, accountability and resources to get there.
  • You 1000% know you want to be a life coach. You’ve researched program after program searching for the perfect fit and now, you’re here.
  • You can coach like nobody’s business — but can’t sell enough packages, programs or digital products to make this work as a career.
  • You’ve done other life coach training or health coaching programs, but need to get more business strategy and make more money. You’re a coach and want to become a successful entrepreneur too!
  • You need help making money, getting organized and scaling to your next level — and quick, to avoid burnout!
  • You want to help people, but aren’t sure whether to go to grad school (which will set you back a few years, or take another path that lets you start making money right now.
  • You’re a natural coach, but need more training! Whether you’re a sales manager, nurse, yoga studio director or consultant, you want to take your ability to motivate others to the next level.
  • You’re a makeup artist, real estate agent, photographer, network marketer, mama of three — and you want to find your purpose, live it and get paid. It would be your DREAM to get paid to help people!

We are your full partner in this process and offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Inner Glow Circle is committed to making coach training and entrepreneurship possible for anyone who wishes to change lives and have an impact on the world. And, we know that it takes an investment to be able to do this.

We are now offering financing options through Flexxbuy, IGC’s exclusive finance partner. With the help of IGC’s financial advisor, you can get financing with a wide range of credit scores, interest rates as low as 4.99% and payments as low as $200/month.

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