Daily LIVE coaching calls, 24 module trainings and 24/7 members community

From the #1 training company for coaches and entrepreneurs comes an exclusive mastermind experience to help you find your purpose, live it and get paid. The future belongs to the female entrepreneur. We’re making sure she’s well taken care of.

For just $34.50 for your first month, the IGC Mastermind is an accessible online community open to women and those who feel more empowered in female spaces.

Monthly trainings provide guide you around life coaching, business, entrepreneurship, confidence, money and connection. Group coaching and mentoring calls are led by Inner Glow Circle coach training graduates and happen almost daily. Peek the schedule here.

GLOW is your Greatest Level of Want, what you most desire for yourself and the world. Together, we’re making it easier for women to support themselves and grow as entrepreneurs. Let us lock arms with you as you find your purpose, live it and get paid.

“I am an author and speaker, here to grow and connect. I spoke with the founders and was a guest on an IGC workshop on race and gender. Social justice is large part of my work as a leader. I needed a program that supported spiritual freedom, healing and compassion. That’s my why IGC.”
Ber-Henda Williams,

It’s easy to find your purpose, live it and get paid when you’ve got the support of our Mastermind featuring daily LIVE coaching calls, 24 module trainings and a 24/7 members community.


The IGC Mastermind will help you get clear on your purpose, map out your next steps and become your you-est you. We won’t let you hide or slip through the cracks. Whether you’re growing your business, exploring a career transition, diving deeper into your side hustle or simply curious what else is out there for you, we’re here to support you through it all. Our coaches specialize in business, sales, money, mindset, career, marketing, health, self-care, relationships and more.

We’ve also brought together brilliant members who generously support each other with business advice, life coaching, resources and more. Our members include coaches, lifestyle experts, yoga instructors, therapists, lawyers, nutritionists, stylists, interior designers, healers and more. We are done competing with each other, simply reinforcing our own glass ceilings. As women, working for ourselves, but not by ourselves is our access point to real change.

what you need to succeed


Confidence is the key to a successful life. If you aren’t buying what you’re selling, who is?! Drop the drama, ditch distractions and get real about your dreams. It’s time to claim the success that’s meant for you!


Wealth belongs in the hands of women who know what to do with it. By working on your money mindset and getting intimate with your resources, you can finally find your purpose, live it and get paid.


Connection is everything as you move to the next level in your life. At Inner Glow Circle, we collaborate rather than compete. We’re motivated by our own growth and inspired by the wins of others.


  • You’re motivated by accountability and want even more.
  • You’re a team player who wants to see women to have it all.
  • You keep it real and appreciate when those around you do the same.
  • You see the value in investing in both your business and your life.
  • You’re ready to up your game and connect with people who believe in you.
  • You know women run the world and maximize their impact by working together.
  • You want the secrets to what works and what doesn’t so you can move forward faster.
  • You’re ready to glow and create the thing you wish existed in the world.


Listen up, glow getter. Here’s the deal: you can start the IGC Mastermind at any time. Each month will focus on a theme that’s central to your growth. Hop on calls throughout the week, complete the training modules and access 24/7 online support.


Name Your Resistance


Vision Letter To Yourself


Giving Up


Manifesting Money


Change Your Story


Removing Energy Drainers


Affirmation Station




Procrastination Breakup




Explore Your Divine Purpose


Own Your Feminine Power


monthly glowbooktm

Receive a starter-kit of GlowBook™ exercises when you sign up and then two more each month!

more than 20 LIVE CALLS every month

An all-access pass to our (almost daily!) group coaching calls on every area of business and life.


The #1 piece of feedback we get? IGC is SO real. You’re in the right place for community and connection.


We promise to bring you learning, growth and empowerment in one supportive space.

private online

24/7 access to our private online community for ongoing support and connection.


Monthly themes will help you focus in on where you glow and where you need to grow!


“I had no idea anything like IGC existed until a friend who knows how much I love personal development told me about your mastermind last year. I was so impressed by the knowledge and professionalism. Lots of unexplainable synchronicities have been showing up in my life since I joined. I’m finally using my yoga teacher certification this Fall. I’ve been sitting on it out of fear, but I have rented a gorgeous space and will be running a fertility yoga and support group for women experiencing infertility. I couldn’t have done it without this supportive group! Upleveling is a real thing, but I didn’t expect it to happen this fast!”

 – Angela Rose

“Ready. Set. Glow! I have already learned so much about myself. I have laughed, cried and connected. Being a part of a group of supportive and like-minded women has opened up the opportunity for abundance and joy. All the women are real. It’s refreshing. If you want a community of supportive women who really care, this is the place to glow!”

 – Victoria Cartagena

“At one point, I desired the things I currently have in my life. Through IGC, I finally got the confidence to start leading women’s circles. This was a new experience, so having the chance to lean on these women helped me grow. Now, my daily conversations surround co-creating with others. This is BIG, because for a long time, I severely lacked creativity in my day-to-day work. It’s typical to believe we need to do only one thing and that’s our job. But we can do many things we love. Some can provide multiple streams of income. IGC completely shifted my outlook and gave me the resources I needed to grow.”

 – Danielle Waldman

We created the thing we wished existed. Now you can too.

For years, we heard women asking for a truly collaborative online space, a place to bring their truth and keep it real. It didn’t exist, so we created it. IGC is truly the first of its kind. Let’s glow!



Your IGC membership is month to month or annually, based on your original payment plan. To cancel, you must give 30 days notice through our cancellation form in the membership portal. You are responsible for any payments due within those 30 days.
The basic Mastermind and Mentoring Membership is designed as a year-long program, but optionally as a month-to-month program as well. Many of our members stay with us beyond their initial year for ongoing mentoring, accountability and support.
The Mastermind is our basic membership that you can join month to month or annually. Memberships auto renew (we assume you’re loving it!) so if you ever need to take a break, just give us 30 days notice through the Members portal. Coach Training is a 6 month live course that includes access to the IGC Mastermind. If you’re already a member, you’ll stop paying for the Mastermind once you start Coach Training!