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“I feel like I’m in the process of metamorphosis and IGC has been the cocoon. I just closed a 6k client package. This is the most action I’ve taken in the past year. Let’s go!”
Hayley J. Mckenzie, @hayleyjmckenzie
“This coach training is changing my life. I looked back and saw how much has been done. I am reaching a place I couldn’t even imagine I would be in merely 3 months!”
Diana Wai Ying Ng, @thewindwoman
“I’ve been part of the coach training program for 3 months. IGC has packed so much intention and value into such a short space of time. This is a business with heart, soul, fire, grit and perhaps most importantly, amazing coach training.”
Jen Holmes, @curiouslyjen

Visionary. Rebel. Trailblazer. Coach.
Storyteller. Teacher. Speaker.
Activist. Leader. Trendsetter.

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Katie DePaola

“We’ve created the #1 training company for coaches and entrepreneurs. A place where you can work for yourself, not by yourself. Because we know, the future belongs to the female entrepreneur.”

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