The number one thing we hear again and again is the main block to getting started as a female entrepreneur or coach is confidence.

There is a huge movement in society right now and as visionary woman and thought leaders, you need to take advantage of it. You don’t have wait. You don’t have to have it all together. Perfection isn’t what grew Katie DePaola and Liv Chapman multi six figure businesses. Perfection isn’t what pays the bills or gets the job done.

The key to becoming a female entrepreneur is confidence. As the #1 coach training company for coaches and entrepreneurs, we’ve worked with thousands of women. And we have three tips to being confident as a female entrepreneur. 

Number 1

The main thing that’s in the way of your confidence is that you’re too jealous. In the age of online businesses and lifestyle marketing, it’s easy to get so jealous of everyone else that you can’t focus on your own work. Sometimes it feels like everyone’s just sitting around being jealous and distracted by what everyone else is doing. It’s not worthy of you. It distracts you from doing any real work and it just keeps you exactly where you are.

Even the most successful, confident female entrepreneurs and teams get jealous sometimes. A working mother might be jealous of the childless. A woman with 3 bumble dates on her calendar this week may be jealous of the married. The executive with a large team may be jealous of the soloprenuer.

In IGC, we teach our members how to use jealousy as a directive. Jealousy can be inspiration. You can turn jealousy into motivation. But it requires you actually stop comparing and get into action. C,omparison is the number one thing that keeps you from being in action.


Write down five people that you’re jealous of and why you’re jealous of them. It’s not what these people have, it’s who they’re being and what they’re embodying that you’re really looking for.

What are the things that you’re jealous of and how can you use them as a directive? How can you use your jealousies as an arrow to direct to what you actually desire.

Get curious about it. And then take action. Comparison is not just the thief of joy, it’s the thief of action, too. 

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Number 2

To get more confident, stop surrounding yourself with people who suck. We know that’s pretty bold, but its the #truthtruth. Surround yourself with people who are confident in their own right, who don’t bring you down, but build you up. People who are honest with you and stand for you.

So many female entrepreneurs and want-repreneurs get knocked out of the game because there’s too people in their lives who are just full of ideas of what they “should” be doing. There are a lot of idea-people out there. What’s harder to come by are the doers.

When you’re going through the process of deciding whether or not to go out on your own as a female entrepreneur, if you should turn your side hustle into a full time gig or start a side project or a passion project, on the nights you come home from work and keep hustling, you really have to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, am I a dreamer or a doer?

And if you’re currently a dreamer, you have to ask yourself, what’s it going take to become a doer?

It’s going to take finding your people. Stop wasting time with partners, family members, or anyone who doesn’t support you. They can play a role in your life, but get them out of your business if they’re not helping you move forward. Don’t ask the opinions of people who are 10 steps behind you. Especially not from people who aren’t even on the same path.This is how you clarify your confidence.

Number 3 

Everyday have a conversation with somebody about being a coach and what you do or are starting to do. It’s the most direct way to become more confident. Seriously, have a conversation with someone It can be a woman at the grocery store, at Home Depot, wherever. You just have to tell people what you’re up to. Ask them what they’re up to. You become more confident by practicing.

You cannot be a female entrepreneur without accessing your inner confidence and finding a way to remove any fears, traumas and all of the “shoulds” that are holding you back. It’s actually not worthy of you anymore.


Write down five things that you love about yourself. Ask yourself what stands out about you. Look in the mirror, practice your pitch, practice talking about your beliefs, practice putting them out there on Facebook.

Tell us in the comments,

What are the things that you’re jealous of and how can you use them as an arrow to direct to what you actually desire?