Ready to feel confident as a woman entrepreneur? You don’t have to wait.

You don’t have to wait for the website to be perfect, the training to be done, the weight to drop, or whatever it is that’s making you push off really diving into your business. You don’t have to have it all together!

Perfection isn’t what grew Katie DePaola and Liv Chapman multi six figure businesses. Perfection isn’t what pays the bills or gets the job done.

The number one key to becoming a successful woman entrepreneur is confidence. As the #1 coach training company for coaches and entrepreneurs, we’ve worked with thousands of women and we have three tips to being confident as a female entrepreneur.

Step 1: Stop being so f****** jealous of other women

It’s a massive distraction and keeps you from getting started on your own work.

When you experience jealousy, use it as direction and inspiration. If you’re jealous of someone it’s because they have something you want. So just admit it! You want what she has and she’s living proof it’s possible to have it. So go after it, glow getter!

Don’t just sit around all day getting eaten up by jealousy. Feel confident that what she has is possible for you too.

We know it’s cliche to say, but everyone really is on their own path on a different timeline.

Stop comparing yourself to others! You don’t know their path and they don’t know yours.

Transmute jealousy to motivation. You’ve got this.

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Step 2: Stop surrounding yourself with people who don’t understand your vision

There’s so many people out there who have amazing ideas. Some of these people are dreamers while some are doers. Surround yourself with the doers! Surround yourself with people who are actually pursuing their purpose and getting paid.

So many female entrepreneurs get knocked down and give up because there’s people in their lives who are full of ideas of what they “should” be doing.

Pro tip: Do NOT take business advice from someone who isn’t doing what you want to be doing in business!

They may have the best intentions in mind for you but they just don’t get it. Surround yourself with people who are doing the thing and learn from them.

Step 3: Talk about what you do with at least one person everyday

Have a conversation with somebody about being a coach and what you do everyday.

It’s the best way to become more confident even if it feels scary at first.

Seriously, have a conversation with someone every. single. day. It can be with someone at the grocery store, the gas station, the bar, whatever!

You just need to tell people what you’re up to. Ask them what they’re up to too!

As you practice interacting with more people and encouraging them to open up while also sharing what you do, your confidence will quickly grow!

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what helped you grow confidence in your business?