On Sunday, January 6th, the New Moon enters Capricorn.

The New Moon in Capricorn brings in grounding energy and is here to remind us that time is of the essence.

Rather than focusing on things that bring us instant gratification or ‘five minutes of fame,’ Capricorn invests her energy in the long-term vision.

Capricorn knows that nothing lasts forever. Instead of taking that knowledge and acting quickly on every opportunity that comes her way, or try to cling onto things she knows deep down does not serve her, she sits back and reflects and reminds herself of this long-term vision. She is willing to let things pass her by so that she may continue on her deeper path. She can be very critical and reserved, and you will likely feel this energy over the next few days. It is all in honor of your highest good. Capricorn’s motherly energy is here to protect you and lead you to great success.

Capricorn embodies success and patience, and this is the perfect time to get clear on what you want to achieve not just this upcoming lunar cycle, but for this upcoming year and beyond.

Capricorn is very persistent. It is important to pay attention and make note of the things that are coming up for you right now whether it be unfinished projects, unspoken conversations, or new ideas you’ve had for a while that you have not yet acted on. Capricorn’s energy is bringing these things back into the forefront of your conscious because she feels you must act on them.

Capricorn encourages solo time so that we may learn more about ourselves. This will help us remain disciplined when acting on our long-term plans. When we spend time alone we learn what inspires us and distracts us, what makes us feel good and what makes us feel bad, and gives us a deep glimpse into where our minds go when there is no one else around to interact with.

When we learn these things about ourselves, we learn how to be more disciplined and persistent when working towards our goals.

Take time this New Moon to sit alone and journal or meditate, and really feel into what you are meant to achieve during this lifetime.

Capricorn Crystals: Garnet, Malachite, Bloodstone, Ruby, Fluorite

New Moon in Capricorn Journaling:

What does grounding myself with the Earth’s energy look like for me?

What is possible once I’m grounded with the Earth?

What am I meant to do during my time on Earth?

What is my long-term vision?

What distractions am I willing to give up in order to achieve my long-term vision?

What is the first step I can take to start achieving that?

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Moon in Aries: This New Moon is asking you to slow down and get clear on what exactly it is you’re chasing, Aries Moon. You have a burning fire within you that is always up for a new challenge, but right now it is time to reflect on what the fire within you burns for. You are a natural born leader and great at getting new projects started, but seek out what it is time to finish and what long-term projects you can begin now to fuel your true soulful fire. In other words, pick your battles wisely, Aries Moon.

Moon in Taurus: This is a homey New Moon for you, Taurus Moon. Capricorn, a fellow Earth sign, likes to keep her innermost desires to herself and act carefully. You know who you are at your core, but you don’t always flaunt it to the world. This New Moon is encouraging you to mix your inner self with your outside surroundings. Summon your creative energies and design a plan to share more of yourself with the world. This could be a great business endeavor that leads to much success for you. It’s okay to step outside your comfort zone and share yourself with the world. The Capricorn Moon is supporting you.

Moon in Gemini: It’s likely you are on a come down from the holidays, Gemini Moon. You love to mingle and socialize with others and these past few weeks provided optimal opportunities for that. This is an interesting time for the Gemini Moons. Some of you may feel relieved and ready to detox yourself after the holiday season, and some of you may be feeling a bit blue that it’s all over. The New Moon in Capricorn is asking you to come back to yourself and get centered. Socializing is fun but it is time to talk with yourself. Sit with the energy of this New Moon and figure out how you can still be the social butterfly that you are, while also being much more in touch with yourself and your own needs this year.

Moon in Cancer: You are highly emotional and intuitive, Cancer Moon. You pick up on things that most do not, and you take on energies that others don’t even touch on. While your psychic, intuitive essence is very powerful for you, it can also be overwhelming and make you feel out of sorts. Take time this New Moon to bathe in lavender or eucalyptus and shed all the unwanted energies of last year. Purify your mind, body, and aura and think about what it is you want to achieve this year. Come up with a plan on how to stay focused and persistent, even when you are feeling the weight of others. You are loving and compassionate, but you yourself have a mission to complete, and time is of the essence. Recharge and get moving.

Moon in Leo: Confidence is key for you this New Moon. You love to be the center of attention and are driven by success, but sometimes you find yourself caring more about how you come across to others than how you feel about yourself. You have the tendency to define your success by how others perceive your success. Your true key to success is feeling confident in yourself, even when others may not approve, Leo Moon. Your energy is contagious. Take time this New Moon to feel gratitude towards yourself, all your attributes, and all the work that you’ve done this past year. You are further than you think and it is time to give yourself credit where credit is due. It is no one else’s job to give it to you, love. Take care of and love yourself. Focus on building your self-confidence this New Moon.

Moon in Virgo: You are already very comfortable with yourself, Virgo Moon. This New Moon is asking you to dive even deeper and uncover more about yourself and your greater purpose. You like structure in your life and review your options carefully, much like fellow Earth sign Capricorn. Take time this New Moon to ground deeper within yourself and make a plan for the future. Where are you going? Who are you going with? What projects are you working on? You know yourself well enough to answer these questions, but you may surprise yourself with some answers as you dive deeper within, and will find yourself making plans that light you up for the months to come. Just make sure you begin taking action, Virgo Moon.

Moon in Libra: You are the queen of balance, Libra Moon. This New Moon is giving you permission to tip the scale a bit and give more attention to yourself. It’s time to check in and recenter in order to continue delivering justice and empowerment to the world around you. You must recharge your batteries in order to not burn yourself out. The world will be okay while you retreat for a bit. As you recharge yourself, your vision for the outer world and your role in it will grow and expand. Once you are charged up you will have all the energy to act on your vision.

Moon in Scorpio: You love to explore the spiritual side of life, Scorpio Moon, but this New Moon is asking you to come down from the clouds and ground yourself for a few days. Focus on the physical things in your life. This is a good moon to focus on health goals. This is also a great moon to think about where you want to go career-wise this year. You hold so much power, Scorpio Moon, but you tend to overanalyze things. Spend some time alone and really get clear on what you want and commit to getting it. There is no need to overthink so much, love.

Moon in Sagittarius: The most adventurous of the signs, you love to explore new places and meet new people. The New Moon in Capricorn is asking you to be more adventurous within yourself. Reflect on all the places you traveled, people you met, and activities you did this last year. What do these all say about you, Sagittarius Moon? Where are you going next? How does this relate to your life mission? Your ticket to success is to truly know yourself and understand why you take yourself to the places you do.

Moon in Capricorn: You are home, Capricorn Moon. This is a wonderful season for you. Now is a time to realign with yourself and think about what you want to do with this next year. Figure out what areas of your life are in need of some discipline and sort out a list of your top priorities. Now is a great time for you to get organized. Dream big and know that nothing is off limits. You sometimes feel like there is not enough to go around, Capricorn Moon, and that is simply not true. Lean into the limitless energy available to you and make a plan to make your dreams come true.

Moon in Aquarius: Your people need you this New Moon, Aquarius Moon. You have a grounding energy that makes people feel calm in your presence but at times you can lash out at the people around you. This New Moon provides an opportunity to reflect on those actions and learn to choose differently. Check in with your integrity this New Moon and reflect on how you can honor the voices of those around you. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover when you give someone new the time of day to share their ideas with you. Tune in and listen carefully.

Moon in Pisces: This New Moon doesn’t particularly land with you, Pisces Moon. This moon is all about planning your long-term vision and you are a very go with the flow and see what happens kind of person. You don’t necessarily integrate structure and order into your everyday life. Tap into the energy of this New Moon and experiment with it. Try creating a plan or schedule around a goal of yours and follow through. You may learn that Capricorn is trying to show you a greater part of yourself you are capable of tapping into. Put your deep visionary side to work and take time to write out what you want to achieve.