Sweet sister,

Welcome to our world! I’m so happy you’re here. I am thrilled to be launching our weekly newsletter, In the Glow, at our 1 year anniversary! katied

We opened the doors to Inner Glow Circle (IGC) on February 15 last year, bringing together women from my private practice, our free Goddess Circle, Whole Glow + more. It’s been a crazy and exhilarating but never boring (not even for a moment) ride, full of surprises, heartbreak, loss + JOY.

The joy is what makes every moment worth it.

We just passed Valentine’s Day. Simultaneously, desired + despised, this is the day of LOVE, where Aphrodite reigns as head goddess.

I spent the holiday in LA with one of my biz besties, Crystal Cave, a total goddess who’s also a Glow Coach in IGC. We had a great time brainstorming new ways to collaborate + support each other on our aligned missions, while adding in some SoulCycle, self-care + celebration!

In this week’s blog post, you read about some of Rebecca Rubin’s life changes—unconventionally fabulous in all the right ways. For a full year, she’s traveling the world + meeting new friends while still keeping up with her IGC sisters. She’s taking the #workfromwherever model to a whole new level!

Goddess, we are SO grateful to have you in our world. Before signing off, I want to share our brand new quiz: Are you a natural coach? Take it yourself (for fun!) or share it with a fellow glow goddess who might be wondering if coaching is the next perfect step to explore.

Remember, it’s all an adventure.