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Inner Glow Circle is the #1 training company for coaches and entrepreneurs. We offer a Coach Training program, a Mastermind, digital programs and retreats for women and those identifying as women. We are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and provide everything you need to get your ACC and PCC credentials. The future belongs to the female entrepreneur.

Founder & CEO Katie DePaola

About Inner Glow Circle

I know it’s crazy, but since I was a teenager, I had this dream of creating an online space where women could tell truth about their lives, ask questions and get really great advice. I literally wrote this whole business idea out in one of my journals! Back then, I didn’t know coaching existed and didn’t have a clue about personal development. But I do remember my dad listening to Tony Robbins tapes on the drive to school…

In high school, I was student government president. I went to Vanderbilt University, pledged Chi Omega and wrote for the school newspaper. After college, I moved to New York City. In just a few short years, I worked in public relations, consulting, marketing and sales.

I thought this was the dream. I started to become more and more disenchanted. I felt disconnected from my purpose and out of alignment with the future I knew was meant for me. I had to get back on track. But how?

I left the city and enrolled in a Masters in Nutrition. I got a new job, moved home to Washington, DC and finally got the courage to start my own business on the side, an organic spray tanning company I ran out of a local gym. I started to learn more about coaching through a health coach I met at the gym. Was this the path that was meant for me?

I started to follow the breadcrumbs and eventually they led me to train as a coach and become certified. I kept my side hustle going, but coaching allowed me to leave my 9 to 5 and make enough money to fully support myself.

I was less than a year into the coaching game when Liv and I met. We were introduced by a mutual friend who thought she needed a coach! She was teaching in DC public schools at the time and frustrated with the lack of upward mobility available in her career. I remember being SO impressed by her ability to build detailed programs and curriculums, almost overnight. What started as a coach and client relationship quickly evolved into more.

Since 2015, Inner Glow Circle has quickly grown into an internationally recognized training program for coaches and entrepreneurs. By coupling our business and teaching experience, Liv and I have been able to impact thousands of women around the globe. We have clients from Australia, Barbados, the Cayman Islands, Brazil, Italy, London, the Bahamas, Bermuda and of course, all over the US.

IGC teaches women to work for themselves, not by themselves, just as we’ve done. When we grow together, we get to glow together, too.


GLOW stands for Greatest Level of Want. When you find your glow, you discover what you most want for yourself and the world. Inner Glow Circle’s GLOW Code will guide you to find your purpose, live it and get paid.


Let your love
be greater than your fear


tell the truth


Work for yourself,
not by yourself


Collaboration over competition


Get empowered
and get responsible


Drop the drama
and ditch distractions


Be yourself
(and love it)


Practice balance
over burnout


Stop using
perfectionism to procrastinate


Listen to your


Create the thing you wish existed


Be a leader you
would follow

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