“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” —Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

Your Guide to Glowing this Week


Raise your hand if you feel like you “should” be grateful, but deep down you want more. More flexibility in your schedule, more abundance in your bank account, more meaningful conversations and deeper relationships…and ultimately, WAY more confidence. Are we reading your mind? What if you were grateful…grateful that more is ALWAYS possible? If you’re curious if living your purpose as a coach and getting paid well is really possible for you (spoiler alert: it is!), then you need to book a call with one of our trainers.  It’s time for more. But you already know that!


Do you find yourself feeling nervous and dimming your glow on sales calls? We get it. Sales calls can feel like a lot of pressure, especially if you are new to the process. One of the best things you can do for your potential client and yourself is to practice being direct! It shows confidence. If you were on a really great date and liked the person – wouldn’t you want them to ask you out for another date?! Your potential client feels the same way! When you feel it’s a good fit to work together, ask them this golden question: “How can we get you signed up today?” This will invite them to work with you right away so the magic can start to happen. You’ve got this!

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It’s time to get personal with your leads. It’s time be more bold in your biz! Next time someone DMs you on Instagram or on Facebook, reply through voice message. Hell, we dare you to even respond with a video message! A response like this is SO much more personable than just a written response. It shows your audience you really care. Which, if they took time out of their day to DM you, you SHOULD care! This is a HOT lead, baby! This is a genuine way to build trust with potential clients.


Chin up, Glow Getter. It’s Leo season! That means the cosmic energy is all about standing proud. This week, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling confident, creative and lit UP! When you’re feeling yourself like this, you’ve GOT to share! We want to see what you’re creating this week! Seriously, don’t hold back. You’re going to really be feeling passionate about your projects this week, and the entire Inner Glow Circle crew wants to see your gifts! Click here to post what you’re creating this week in the online community. Be bold, share what you got going on, glow getter! We’re all in the biz here.


There’s still so much confusion out there about what coaching really is. It’s not therapy, it’s not consulting and it’s NOT a venting session. We’ll tell you exactly what it – wait…instead of telling you, how about we SHOW you?!  Check out our latest blog featuring a sample coaching session with our superstar NEW Coach Trainer, Hayley J McKenzie! She breaks down the format and even gives you the 5 questions every coaching session needs to create REAL breakthroughs.

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It’s August, and that means last chance for summer trips and beach weekends. And we all know travel is a major wellness challenge! Here are some simple tips to keep your health vibrant as you chase the final rays of summer!

  • Hydrating sun protection (you knew sun protection HAD to be number one, right?). Right now our wellness expert is RAVING about Vive Sana’s Daily Protezione with SPF 30. It uses nontoxic non nano zinc for natural sun protection!
  • Dry muesli – basically trail mix without the extra calories or bloating. Muesli is like oatmeal and trail mix had a baby. While most store bought trail mixes have loads of added salt and sugar (and a normal serving of nuts is ¼ cup. Who ever stopped at ¼ cup of trail mix?!), muesli uses nuts and dried fruit as an accessory, not the main garb. So pack your own dry mix for the road!
  • Antiseptic wipes. Transportation hubs are PACKED with germs. Don’t lose your vacation to some bug! Keep germ killing wipes, like these Lysol travel packs, in your bag to wipe down handles, airplane seats, and your hands as often as possible!


Say the thing no one else is willing to say. Create the thing you wish existed. Change lives that change other lives. These are all part of the core values of Inner Glow Circle. We see women take these core values and RUN with them! Launching fashion lines, writing books, starting women’s circles, building businesses…all the things. And we couldn’t be more proud! But we also know, if you’ve got big dreams, you also need BIG sustainability. When you’re excited, run with it! But don’t forget, you have to play the long game. This Thursday, 8/15, CEO Katie DePaola is teaching a new lesson, Overwhelmed?! My 3 Tricks for Getting Back into Your Flow. Join our online community to catch this LIVE training! The replays are only available for a limited time, so join the community TODAY (psst, it’s totally free!)

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