Olivia Chapman here, Inner Glow Circle’s Director of Training.

Over the last year, I have poured my heart and soul into our Glow Coach Training program. I’ve reviewed each lesson and streamlined our process to make it as valuable as possible. I did it all because I BELIEVE
in the power of coaching as a transformational tool.  The key to great coaching? Training.

I know you give a damn about personal development, coaching and leadership or you wouldn’t be reading this—so I’m going to be honest with you. There are some weird vibes going on in the coaching world right now. Women are giving up because they are constantly comparing themselves to others and businesses are breaking down because their leaders don’t realize what it takes to grow a business. What does it take? Time. Money. Energy. Desire.

When we are passionate about a cause, project or product, we gather our resources towards that vision.

Coaching is a booming field with high growth potential. On the upside, there is so much potential and possibility at our fingertips. We can change lives, make a difference and create the financial support needed to do what we love.

The downside? People are losing money, losing confidence and worst of all, losing hope. It’s time to WAKE UP. Here’s the thing: if someone is saying they have answers to  all of your problems, then there’s something they aren’t saying. Just like weight loss, there is NO quick fix. And coaching isn’t about fixing anyway.

If you have a gut feeling something is off with a coach, consultant, healer or teacher you’ve considered working with, ask the hard questions! How long have you been coaching? Where were you trained? Why have you chosen to do this work? You will know if you’ve found the right match.

Coaching isn’t therapy and it’s not advice. It’s a bold and reflective communication that shifts the client’s perspective in service of creating new results. Together, the coach and client uncover desires, beliefs and contexts that drive the way you think, work, act and show up in the world. A coach who has been well-trained (and continually invests in his or her development!) stays out of the client’s “story” and doesn’t buy into fears or limiting beliefs.

Coaching is lovingly—but powerfully—saying the thing no one else will say.

The moral of my story (and there is one) is that coaching is seriously life-changing work, when the coach and client show up equally present to the work. This means managing expectations, knowing it doesn’t happen overnight and understanding that you have to “do the work” to create real change.

If you want to become a coach, it’s crucial that you take the time to build your knowledge and skills as a coach and leader.Training will help you know what to say to your clients, what it takes to “BE” coach and how to navigate challenging situations. Whether you’re new to coaching or just looking to add more tools to your skill set, let us help you launch as a leader! 

Our next round of Coach Training (and possibly our last training of the year!) launches this Thursday, July 21st at 12:00 pm EST. The course is led by Alexis Bethel, a coach, trainer, yogi and all around superstar. We have ONE spot left! You can reserve your spot now or email Alexis if you’d like to hop on the phone to see if our program is the right fit for you.

The world needs more incredible, life-changing coaches that give a damn. 

I hope you’ll become one of them!