Are you tired of searching the internet for the best coach training program?

We’ve been there.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about or have decided to become a life coach. That’s great!

The life coach industry has rapidly grown into a billion dollar industry and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The demand for life and business coaches is at an all time high, but with such a high demand comes standards and regulations.

If you want to be a life coach, getting certified is a must.

However, with there being so many life coach trainings available online, it can be difficult to confidently choose one to invest in.

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

Here is what every coach training program NEEDS to have:


This is HUGE. Do your research! The International Coaching Federation (ICF) stands for high standards and ethics in the coaching industry.

Once you go through an ICF accredited program, you can then apply to be officially certified by the ICF.

Wondering why that matters?

As the coaching industry is blowing up, there’s a lot of people who read a couple self help books and decide they qualify to start coaching people (when they actually have no idea what they’re doing!) It’s cringe.

More and more people who are seeking coaches are going straight to the ICF to find a qualified coach to hire. They know they know their shit. They know they’re professional.

You can be one of these discover-able professional coaches on the ICF’s website but only if you go through an ICF accredited program. Got it?

Save yourself some time researching programs by looking to see if it’s ICF accredited before anything else. If it’s not then thank you, but next.


Are people raving about the coach training program? Has it changed their lives? Are they running their new coaching businesses full time now?

Investigate what their past students are up to!

There should always be a way to connect with past students to ask them about their experience with the program.

We recommend personally reaching out to a past student and asking them if they have a few minutes to chat.

Inner Glow Circle coach training student testimonial.

Biz Marketing

Besides teaching you how to be a fantastic, ethical coach, does the program offer anything else?

We’ve seen so many women go through online coach training programs and have a difficult time getting hired afterwards.

99% of the time it’s because the program didn’t teach them how to actually market their biz!

Learning business marketing strategy is crucial to being a successful coach.

If they don’t talk about how to utilize Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms to get more reach (and ultimately more paying clients!) in your biz, you should consider running away.

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Class and Community

Final thing you should consider, does the coach training program have a community?

Will you get to know and connect with your classmates?

Find out the structure of the program. Is it just online modules you take at your own pace? If so, that’s kinda bleh.

Look for a program that has interactive classes at least once a week!

At Inner Glow Circle, our students meet on Zoom (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s just like Skype) every week for an hour and a half.

They come with their questions and requests and help each other throughout the class.

Along with our program, women get access to our Mastermind where they can share their wins or worries and get support 24/7.

The Mastermind also includes 20+ monthly group coaching calls!

Inner Glow Circle believes it’s crucial to provide a community for women to interact and grow with each other as they build their businesses.

That’s why we say work for yourself, but not by yourself.

We know there are a lot of coach training programs out there.

But Inner Glow Circle is the #1 training company for female coaches and entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, you should really talk to one of our trainers!

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How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

Tell us in the comments,

have you gone through a coach training program yet? If so, which one and do you recommend it?!