Do You Need Coach Training to be a Coach? When I began coaching, I knew I needed to get some actual training. I was so worried, I thought coaching was advice and I thought, "Well I have an undergraduate degree in Human [...]

You Must Know This Before You Go All In on Your Business When you’re an entrepreneur and have your own business, you definitely have to juggle. I've had clients say, "Well, once I get out of my restaurant job and I can just focus on [...]

Mindset Shift to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Confession: If I was to give relationship advice I would feel like a total imposter right now. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, "I don't have it all together! I really [...]

Break out of Jealousy and Comparison Jealousy is unspoken desire. Jealousy shows us what we want. Jealousy is a map. Comparison is just lazy jealousy. When you're comparing, you're being jealous, but you won't just own it. Like the [...]

How to Refocus When You’re Stressed and Overwhelmed When you're stressed or overwhelmed, it can become a total distraction. At IGC, we teach our students and members to chill and choose. When you're in any type of panicked state, you've got [...]

You Are Enough! Bring Your Work into the World in 2019! We're all learning while we work, lead and coach. Some people might say, "Then, you're really not fit to teach because you don't actually know." At IGC, we say: Who better to teach [...]

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Stop Work-Life Stress From Ruining Your Productivity! Whether you're at home or the office, you're going to face stress every day. And as a coach, your clients are facing stress every day. So, how do you recenter? When you get [...]

Increase Your Energy as a Female Entrepreneur As a female entrepreneur, your top five resources are money, energy, love, time and space. M.E.L.T.S. is the acronym we use. When you're tapped into your core resources, you're able to resource. Meaning, [...]

New Moon in Aries

On Friday, April 5th, the New Moon enters Aries. Pisces closed out our past lunar cycle and the New Moon in Aries represents a brand new starting point. We are officially in Spring season [...]

How to Start Making Money as a Coach Basic coaching business model: Four sessions a monthThree month contracts as a minimumMinimum of $150 an hour At IGC, we don't stand for crazy inflated prices. Internationally, coaches on average are making about [...]

Don’t Listen to the Doubters My mom knows what I do. In fact, she helped us so much in our business in the early years and she is really supportive. But even so, she has her critiques. So [...]

How to Fall in Love with Hard Work Everyone in the personal growth and business space is talking about mindset work. Positive psychology is actually what coaching grew out of. Thoughts become things. So here's the mother of all mindset shifts: [...]

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