How to Fall in Love with Hard Work Everyone in the personal growth and business space is talking about mindset work. Positive psychology is actually what coaching grew out of. Thoughts become things. So here's the mother of all mindset shifts: [...]

What to Look for in a Business Partner and Co-Founder I read the other day that if there are two partners in the company with the same ideas, one of them needs to leave. One of them is no longer useful. Because if [...]

Getting Real About Hard Work So you want to work smarter, not harder, but you there's part of your identity that's wrapped up and in working hard. You want your clients to know you're working hard for them. [...]

How to Work Smarter Not Harder as a Female Entrepreneur We all have stories about what hard work means to us. Stories like: “I need to work hard because things aren't just going to fall into my lap.” or “If I want to [...]

Are You Ever Really off When You Own Your Own Business? When you're an entrepreneur and you working for yourself, are you ever really off? The simple answer: no. Even if you have a partner, you’re never truly off. Because you're always thinking about [...]

Female Entrepreneurs: Exhausted from the Grind? When you're a busy woman and an entrepreneur, you have to get comfortable with things being a little bit undone. But at the same time, you don't want to just be opening a [...]


Confidence for Women Entrepreneurs, Part 1 of 3

Everybody talks about marketing and sales, and a lot of people say, "Oh, I don't want to venture into that territory." But, the golden nugget here is to find a way to talk about what [...]

On Sunday, January 6th, the New Moon enters Capricorn. The New Moon in Capricorn brings in grounding energy and is here to remind us that time is of the essence. Rather than focusing on [...]

New Moon Sagittarius

On Tuesday, October 9th, the New Moon enters Libra. Themes of this New Moon are harmony, balance, and beauty. The New Moon in Libra asks you to look within and examine where you can [...]

New Moon in Scorpio

On Wednesday, Nov. 7th, the New Moon enters Scorpio. Scorpio New Moon Themes: Rebirth, Healing, Trust This Moon will deliver messages that our subconscious has been keeping from us. Scorpio, who appears happy and [...]

New Moon in Libra

On Tuesday, October 9th, the New Moon enters Libra. Themes of this New Moon are harmony, balance, and beauty. The New Moon in Libra asks you to look within and examine where you can [...]

How I Started Living My Dream Life (And You Can Too)

If you would have told me three years ago when I was starting coach training, I’d be sitting on this bench in Italy messaging our team on Slack about all of the badass women signing [...]

what it takes to create the best training program in the world

Over two years ago, I was masterminding with 20 different female coaches who also served as leaders within Inner Glow Circle. We were in the beginning stages of mapping out our coach training program and [...]

Can you actually make money as a coach?

What you really need in order to make money at ANYTHING is passion and skill. Plus, your business needs to help your customer solve their problem. A coaching business is no different--except right now, it’s [...]

I Am a Woman of Privilege: What Am I Doing With It?

What is privilege? Well, according to the dictionary... priv·i·lege (noun) is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. synonyms include: advantage, benefit, freedom, liberty [...]

Brianne’s Review of Inner Glow Circle’s ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Sooo back in March, Brianne joined Inner Glow Circle’s ICF Accredited coach training. She didn’t know exactly what she planned to do with her new superpower (and certification), but she trusted she was being guided [...]

Does Having a Life Coach Certification Even Matter?

We get this question A TON from both potential clients and potential new coaches… “Does it matter if a coach is certified?” Whether you are considering hiring a coach or becoming one, this is such [...]

How to Run a Powerful Discovery Call

There’s no denying it, being able to set up, run and close your discovery calls is absolutely critical to the coach and entrepreneur. It’s in these beautiful 20+ minutes of connecting that we have the [...]

Why Millennial Women Are So Obsessed with Gabby Bernstein

It was the spring of 2010. My roommate and I bought tickets to an event called, Find Your Balance and were excited to spend the evening jumping on mini trampolines and talking about how to [...]

Why I’d Never Invest in Life Coaching

There are sooo many reasons why I’d never invest in life coaching. LIKE, if I was miserable and wanted to keep it that way OR if I wanted to keep complaining over and over again [...]