When Is the PERFECT Time to Start a Business? Start making your money back on your coaching investments. In IGC's coach training program, it takes just two to three clients to make a return on your investment. That's exactly what we teach [...]

Start Making Money as a Coach Honestly, running a business that's based in coaching is really simple. You don't need to do a ton of stuff to start making money. You don't need a lot of volume. You can [...]

How to Start Your Coaching Business Here's the deal - you just have to do it. You just have to do the damn thing. You have to say the damn thing. You have to be willing to put yourself [...]

3 Steps to Be Confident as a Female Entrepreneur The number one thing we hear again and again is the main block to getting started as a female entrepreneur or coach is confidence. There is a huge movement in society right now [...]

The FASTEST and EASIEST Way to Start a Business as a Woman in 2019!

Who fell in love in 1999 with 10 Things I Hate About You?! It's time for the 2019 version for coaches and female entrepreneurs, 10 Things Your Ideal Clients Want to Know About You. [...]

What Do You REALLY Want to Do with Your Life? I grew up around a lot of chaos. Alcoholism, mental illness, tragedy. I was surrounded by a family that felt like fighting was the new normal. When I was 14, I would run [...]

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{Guest Post: Kelly Curtis} How to use Oracle Cards Like an Intuitive Boss (even when you feel like a beginner!)

You know… I’ll be the first to tell you that what I do isn’t anything special. All of the ways that I’ve tapped into my intuition and put it to use in my life and [...]

Why your breakdown is the best thing EVER

If everything was perfect and easy all of the time, would that even be real life? Do we even want that? As someone who has experienced some painful ups and downs as woman and CEO, [...]

{Guest Post: Danielle Waldman} Living without judgment

I’ve been guilty of seeing things from inside the box. For a long time I was in the thought process that my family and friends were judging the type of life I created. That it [...]

Is joining a mastermind even worth it?

I got an email a couple weeks ago from someone who asked what she can expect to get if she joins the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind. What she was really asking was, “is this investment [...]

There’s a crystal for that! And other truths about the woo

I was not raised in a woo-world at all. I wasn’t raised in a totally awesome ashram or given a meditation pillow at an early age. I wasn’t taught to tune into myself and even [...]

{Guest Post: Natalie Taggart} Change Your Story, Change Your Life

                  Two years ago, I was seriously struggling in my business. I’d been at it full-time for about six months, and I had what felt like nothing [...]

3 guarantees when you stop competing and start collaborating

Was it instilled in us during middle school that girls always had to be in competition? Perhaps this began before middle school, but please raise your hand and tell me I’m not alone on this [...]

{Guest Post: Melaina Spitzer} The secret to a life of purpose AND profit

Tell me if this story sounds familiar: You finished school and did one of two things. You either A.) Looked for a “good job” that would provide you with benefits and experience or B.) set [...]

{Guest Post: Crystal Cave} How to never work a day in your life

My grandfather always said, “If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life”. It’s a nice thought, but for the past few years I really believed that this may be [...]

Can you actually manifest money?

I’m sure if you play in the coaching or personal development world you’ve heard the word manifest thrown around quite a bit: Manifest your ideal man Manifest a 10k month Manifest ideal clients now Manifest [...]

The overwhelming response to my post about fear last week (eek!)

Whew. I wasn't expecting that from you. It's not very often that I share what really goes on with an online audience, with my list, my Facebook friends or otherwise. Actually, I can count on one [...]

I have fear and self doubt every day, here’s the only thing that helps

I have to be honest...I have A LOT of fear. On a daily basis, I have these crumbling moments of total uncertainty, anxiety, worry, self-doubt, and fear that comes in all other shapes and sizes. [...]

Is the Coaching Industry Just a Huge Scam?

Coaches have to ask the tough questions, right? So here it goes. Is coaching just a big scam? If you've ever wondered about this, you're not alone. The more time I spend scrolling my Facebook [...]

we need to get real on diversity

We didn’t start the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind  or Coach Training Program  to play it safe. We founded it because we believe in the power of connection, coaching and women supporting women. It’s our responsibility [...]