My mother always told me, even if a song has been done a thousand times, you can still bring something of your own to it.” — Etta James

Your Guide to Glowing this Week


What excuses are you currently using to not go after your dreams? It isn’t always easy to pursue your passions when you already have a lot on your plate. But you know what the hardest thing of all is? Never experiencing the magic of looking back and saying, holy shit, I did that. Listen, the world needs you to go after your dreams. Your friends need to see you go after your dreams. Your family needs it. Your bank account needs it. YOU need it. Everyone is getting ready to get ready to go after their dreams until they finally decide to just DO the damn thing. Book a call with one of our trainers to talk about if coach training is the right next step for you. Fall 2019 Coach Training enrollment is open through 9/30 and we have more financing options than ever. Let’s make this happen.


OMGLOW. Have you heard the news?! We were interviewed on the Raising The Bar podcast! Founders of Drybar Allie Webb and Michael Landau are the coolest hosts – and the whole episode is full of laughter…and tears. Alli gets more vulnerable than ever about her journey through divorce to finding herself – and how she stays focused while running a multi million dollar business. Our very own Liv Chapman shares her new “dating rules” and why she walked away from a $25k bonus to become an entrepreneur. Plus, CEO Katie DePaola opens up about how she survived losing her brother within months of launching Inner Glow Circle. This episode is such a testament to believing in yourself and going for your dreams. You CANNOT miss this episode! Give it a listen and be sure to leave a review letting the hosts know what you think!

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training


Do you ever have a case of the “not good enoughs”? All entrepreneurs have been there. “I’m not professional enough to charge that much,” “I’m not expert enough to speak at that event,” etc. etc. You know what that’s called? imposter syndrome. And it’s a lie. The truth is you are smart enough. You are worthy. Last week, CEO Katie DePaola led a FREE 60 minute training all about how to start feeling “good enough” and ditch imposter syndrome. You can still catch the replay now in our FREE Facebook community! Plus, this Thursday, 9/19, CEO Katie DePaola is teaching a brand new lesson, How to Pursue Your Side Hustle (Without Risking Your Day Job!) Join our online community to catch this training LIVE!


Have you been putting the social in social media? What if every time you posted on social media, you approached like you were joining a cocktail party? Don’t just comment with an emoji or a two words. Strike up an actual conversation! Try to get to know others. Intrigued by what someone is sharing on their Instagram stories? Message them about it! Love what someone posted? Ask to know more! This will increase your engagement PLUS people will really start remembering who you are! This week, try writing posts that are more conversational, and start conversations on other people’s posts!


A really good sales call is client focused. That means all the love and attention is on the client. Really hear what they need from you as their potential coach. The minute you start putting the focus on yourself, you’ll be swarmed with worried thoughts like: 

  • “I’m not sure what questions to ask?” 
  • “What if she can’t afford my pricing?”
  • “What if she doesn’t sign up to work with me?” 
  • “I’m afraid of sounding too salesy and slimy…”

A client can always feel when a call is no longer about them. So remember to listen, be present and acknowledge them for showing up. Want more support around leading a great discovery call? Then circle the 9/25 on your calendar! Join our FREE Masterclass “Discovery Calls: How to Set Them Up (and What to Say When You’re on Them!) at 2pm EST!

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Long lunches and casual strolls just because? Hellooo, Libra season. Falling on the same day as the Autumn Equinox (9/23), Libra season is here to bring excitement and wonder to your life. Now is definitely the time to get dressed up and have a fancy night out. Libra season brings all the romance. Plus the Autumn Equinox is full of excited energy because it’s finally time to celebrate the fruits of your labor! You know how hard you’ve worked these last few months. Now sit back and give yourself some credit. Enjoy where you’re currently at. This is a perfect time for celebration. Get out and celebrate! (Like you needed an excuse.)


Did you know that FIFTY PERCENT of the US population is deficient in magnesium?! We were shocked, too! Magnesium is a mineral used in at least 300 of the body’s reactions! And it’s proven to help with anxiety and sleep…vital for women entrepreneurs taking over the world!  So while you’re getting your cute ass to Soul Cycle and trying out your newest Class Pass, it’s just as important that you’re hitting to produce aisles to keep your body going. So this week, hit the grocery store and stock up on spinach, almonds, black beans or edamame, all of which are great sources of magnesium.

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