Inner Glow Circle graduate Thea Sobers Charles is thriving as a coach and woman entrepreneur, but it took some big breakthroughs to get to where she is today.

Thea was awarded a full scholarship to Inner Glow Circle’s coach training program in 2018.

When she applied, she felt intimidated.

Before starting coach training, Thea felt she was lacking confidence in life and business.

“I felt like I was holding myself back and I was looking for a way to feel more like myself,” says Thea.

Before becoming a coach, Thea ran a small clothing boutique and found herself pouring all her energy into it.

She felt as though she was neglecting herself and found that the overwhelm from running her business led her to forget parts of her true self.

She says she felt like her business was running her rather than the other way around and that was an issue.

Thea’s biggest breakthrough after completing coach training and becoming a successful woman entrepreneur?

Realizing that she IS her business, she is her marketing, she is her brand. She realized she is in control of the entire feel of her biz. This breakthrough gave her all the confidence she needed.

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“Post training has affected my confidence level. I am not afraid to speak my mind. I find that I speak up more in my personal relationships. I find that I speak up more within my business and with my clients. Now confidence shows up in my boutique, especially when I’m dealing with my suppliers. I am not afraid to tell them the directions that I think the company could go and give suggestions in a loving way,” says Thea.

Thea says she’s taken control of all the parts of her life. She has found a balance.

She doesn’t feel like has to keep switching roles from being a mom to getting into business mode and back into mom mode. She is all of these things all of the time. Mom, life coach, boutique owner, woman entrepreneur, she is all of these at once in a way that feels balanced and aligned for her.

Thea says she feels like she’s found her voice again.

“I feel like I have a more balanced way of living. I’m taking care of myself and as a result, I’m better at all of my different roles. I feel that I’ve found my voice again. I rediscovered who I am and I feel confident in all parts of that,” she says.

Since graduating from coach training, Thea moved on to be a student in our graduate program, Leaders Rising.

She had the highest attendance in Inner Glow Circle’s Mastermind group coaching calls for consecutive weeks in a row and is still running her fashion boutique as well.

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Want to learn more about Thea? Give her a website a visit here!