As successful women entrepreneurs and business partners, we’re always getting asked how we do what we do.


CEO, Katie DePaola and COO, Liv Chapman took some time to breakdown the top 5 questions they get asked as successful female business partners and answer them for you.

So here you are, the top 5 questions they get asked as women entrepreneurs and business partners:

  1. How is the relationship between you two?
  2. Who calls each other to “vent” the most?
  3. How do you know you’ve done a great job for your client? (That’s juicy!)
  4. What have been your biggest challenges over the years?
  5. What have been your biggest wins?

The breakdown:

1. How is the relationship between you two?

When you run a business side by side, there’s a lot of challenges. But you also become family. Katie and Liv have grown to be like sisters over the years. They have their conflicts, but they’re loyal to each other. Challenging your business partner is healthy! But you have to know that at the end of the day you love and support each other.

It’s important to distinguish when you’re having a “friends” call versus a business partner call. When you run a business with someone else, naturally you become great friends. You just have to remember when to flip the switch between friendship and business. It’s all about balance and getting clear with each other.

They push each other to be better and that’s really what makes it work.

2. Who calls to “vent” the most?

There’s not one said woman who vents more than the other at IGC! It’s pretty equal. We’re successful female entrepreneurs, but we’re also human. Other things happen in our lives outside of business that can cause one to vent more than the other during that time. It’s like seasons! It’s not always linear, but it always equals out. Compassion is key, especially in a business partnership.

3. How do you know you’ve done a great job for your clients?

There are SO many ways to know we’re doing a great job for our clients. Testimonials we receive, things we see them post on social about how IGC has changed their lives and if you want to get super business-y, looking at our retention rate. But here’s the thing– we also ASK our clients what they’re getting out of our services. At the end of every coaching call and training, we ask our students what their biggest takeaway is. This is so helpful to do! If you ever find yourself wondering what your clients are ACTUALLY getting out of your services, ask them! It helps create an open relationship that you can both learn from. Your clients want to know that you care about what they’re walking away from your services with (and we know you want to know that too!) It’s so powerful!

4. What have been your biggest challenges over the years?

Trying to get the right people in the right role! We always have a vision of roles to be filled but figuring out the exact right person can be hard. We’re always striving to take our business to the next level and there are certain people we believe in who will take us there. Placing them in the right role (aka their GLOWZone!) can be challenging. We want to put the people we believe in (which is everyone, hence why this gets difficult!) into the roles they feel confident in and thrive in. Our #truthtruth is that we’ve experienced backfire in the past when we thought we were putting the right people in the right roles. Everything in business is truly a learning experience. You just keep striving for better.

5. What have been your biggest wins?

Growing the company, obviously. Becoming better and better partners, that’s a HUGE win. Not to mention the super high success rate of the students who have taken our courses. What do we mean by super high success rates for our students? We mean women launching their businesses while they’re still in our program. So many students sign clients and launch group programs before they even graduate. Those are huge wins for us.

The thing is, our wins aren’t even JUST about business. They’re about giving women the tools they need to go on and change lives that change other lives. When we see that happening, everyone is winning.

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