Activism, Allyship and Antiracism in Coaching

If you’re still waiting on the sidelines to step into an allyship or activist role as a business owner… if you’re still wondering if you need to do antiracism work-- this invitation is for you.  There are more ways than ever to get started, but choosing to avoid the conversation is not acceptable-- it’s harmful. [...]

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The Women’s Circle Saved Me

By COO Liv Chapman Last October I left my relationship. On Friday, I was happily playing house with my partner of over five years, two small sons and two dogs. We lived in a big house in the suburbs, drove a family SUV, had a pool, a live-in nanny, neighbors that we awkwardly waved to [...]

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Why “Ready” is a Lie

"Ready" is a lie. Here are the top 3 reasons why, written by CEO Katie DePaola. 1. Ready isn’t real. Personally, I don’t know what ready feels like. When I started my business, I just knew it needed to exist and that I had the vision and resources to start to bring it to life. I [...]

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Are Your Friends Too Expensive For You?

Feel like the social life is getting a little too expensive? If trying to keep up with your friends is causing you to consider forgoing your other priorities — like saving to start your dream business or putting a down payment on your dream house — then it’s time to slow down and evaluate who [...]

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How to Deal With Criticism

You want to share your truth but you're scared of criticism. When you allow yourself to be seen in your work, you open up the gateway to be seen everywhere. The beauty in allowing yourself to be seen in your work is that you gain more recognition, trust and business from people [...]

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Start Feeling ‘Good Enough’

It can be easy to feel like you're not good enough, smart enough or even pretty enough to do something big with your life. But the thing is, you are enough of all those things and it's time to start believing it. CEO Katie DePaola and COO Liv Chapman recently researched the three [...]

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How to Stop Hiding and Get Visible

It's time to get visible. There will always be times when you feel uncomfortable about sharing your whole truth or all of your story. For COO Liv Chapman, this happened when she was pregnant with her now 4 year old son, Knox. Her biz partner, CEO Katie DePaola questioned Liv about not sharing [...]

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The Power of Visibility

The power of visibility saves lives. When CEO Katie DePaola first started Inner Glow Circle, she had a lot of challenging things happen. She was struggling with Lyme disease, her brother passed away and she went through a really big break up. Naturally, she wanted to hide from the world. But instead, she [...]

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