If you’ve ever wondered if the coaching industry is just a huge scam, you’re not alone.

The more time I spend scrolling my Facebook newsfeed and watching Instagram stories, the more I question the integrity of the life coach industry.

As the original creator of the Inner Glow Circle accredited Coach Training curriculum, I’m constantly looking at how can we, as a company, can ensure the powerful work of life coaching doesn’t get a bad rap.

Fortunately, I know for a fact (based on research, personal experience and years of client success): great coaching truly works.

However, it can be hard to know whether transformational coaching is really available on the other side of that discovery call.

Research says the personal coaching industry (life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, health coaching) is one of the fastest growing industries in 2019.

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But just because someone pops the title of “coach” in front of their name, doesn’t mean they have the credentials, skills or experience needed to truly transform lives.

There are a growing number of people claiming to know how to live your best life. There are certified coaches, faux-coaches, wannabe coaches, professional coaches and everything in between.

An incredible coach is someone who builds trust and intimacy with the client, listens to what’s said and what isn’t said (listening between the lines) and asks powerful questions that lead to visible breakthroughs.

When a client’s initial response is, “whoa, I’ve never thought about that question before,” that’s powerful coaching.

Training and certification are not all it takes to be an incredible coach. Even going through an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited coach training program won’t GUARANTEE your success as a coach or the success of your clients.

However, it can be a major differentiating factor when it comes to your ability to partner with clients and create real results. Life experience and years of personal development (think: “I’ve read every self-help book out there!”) provide support, but they’re no replacement for actual coaching skills.

When coaches say they’ve changed their own lives, grown their businesses, made millions of dollars or found life-changing love, it doesn’t mean that by paying them, this will happen for you too. In fact, if a coach claims to have all the answers and oversells the easiness of it all, this is a dead giveaway they aren’t a trained coach.

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

Coaching is a practiced skill set: tools, techniques and the art of dancing in the moment with each client.

The good news? There are a lot of highly-trained coaches out there.

Whether you are considering hiring a coach or becoming one, look beyond the glossy headlines and gorgeous websites.

Unless you’re hiring a branding expert or a graphic designer, a sexy website isn’t a key indicator of someone’s ability to co-create major transformation with you. Instead, speak with them directly, request a sample session and take a look at their credentials.

Where did they receive their coaching certification? Are they a credentialed coach?

You can even ask to speak with one of their previous clients to hear their experience.

There are many well-trained life and business coaches who know how to support you in making your life, business, relationships, career and health everything you desire and more.

They may not have the most expensive branding or the fanciest marketing (although some do!)

But the right coach will have resources, trainings and certifications that have taught them the true art of coaching, which is totally NOT a scam.

A coach who makes you feel inspired, hold you accountable and help you get into action is absolutely worth the time and money.

Amidst the noise, a well-trained coach really can change thousands of lives. Coaching just works that way.

Liv Chapman, co-founder and COO

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Inner Glow Circle is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and follows the eleven Core Competencies.

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training