Everybody talks about marketing and sales, and a lot of people say, “Oh, I don’t want to venture into that territory.”

But, the golden nugget here is to find a way to talk about what you do.

Talk about your purpose.

Talk about what you’re here to offer the world.

Talk about it in a way that makes you feel really great.

If you like being in groups, leading a women’s group is probably a great place to start talking. You can specifically set up an event where different people get to talk and share what they’re up to.

If you know that your best one on one, take people out for coffee and ask to talk to them about your new business you’re launching.

The world of entrepreneurship is huge! People have to know what you’re up to.

One of the biggest mistakes that we see new female entrepreneurs make is waiting for things to feel, look or seem perfect before they start talking about what they’re up to. The problem is you really lose so many opportunities by doing that. Plus talking about what you’re doing BEFORE it’s perfect is actually what gets us closer to feeling confident that it’s good enough to put out there. We want to practice by telling people all the time what we’re up to.

In IGC, we teach to tell one person every single day what you’re up to.

Even if it’s not totally clear.

Even if you stumble over your words.

The fact that you’re practicing it is how you’re going to create the confidenceto share it on a larger scale. You’re really building the mental and emotional toughness to be able to go out into the world.

You’ve already distinguished whether you prefer being in person, if you like being online or in groups. Now you want to just do that thing.

  • So you can tell the person checking you out at the grocery store!
  • Connect with people online and talk to them about it.
  • Use Linkedin.
  • You can reach out to past colleagues.
  • You can take people out for coffee dates or lunch dates.
  • Email 20 friends and tell them what you’re up to.
  • Set up five coffee dates over the next month and meet up with people in person if that’s what feels more comfortable.
  • Maybe you want to start a Facebook group where you invite 30 friends and you start going on live to talk about the new thing that you’re launching.
  • If you like leading women’s groups, set up a women’s group.
  • If you like going into corporations and being the expert, then start figuring out what contacts you have that would allow you to come in and speak.

There’s so many options and opportunities, but the reality is that people really want to know what you’re up to in your life.

Olivia always teaches this and has for years: If you don’t like doing something, you’re probably not going to do it.

And you actually don’t have to do it! You can give yourself permission to only do things that you enjoy. You really can design a business that uses marketing methods that really feel aligned for you. Just focus on blowing those specific methods out of the water.

Act as if. Own this 100 percent.

Tell us in the comments below:

Of all the possible actions listed above, which are you most interested in taking on to build up your confidence as a female entrepreneur?!

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