This is Part 5 of our 6 part Training Series. To see Part 1, click here.

In Part 5 of our 6 part Training Series, we’re going to teach you today is how to figure out your core message.

Let’s start with some quick live journaling exercises. You can write these questions down and talk them through or comment your answers right now for feedback. These questions are specifically designed to get to your core message.

What has been your biggest struggle or challenge in life so far?

Another way to say this is, what’s the struggle that you keep coming back to? What’s the thing that you keep wrestling with that’s still always there. It’s like your thing. What is the thing that you’re always going to have to be practicing? Remember, the more work you do on it, the easier it gets. 

For Inner Glow Circle COO, Liv Chapman, listening to everyone else’s “shoulds” was the challenge she kept running into. “To this day, I have to check in with myself,” she says, “I ask, ‘is this what people want me to do and tell me I should be doing? Or is this what I want and I need to be doing?'”

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Keep in mind, your rock bottom may not be a death or a tragedy. It may simply be mediocrity over and over and over again. Or not feeling good over and over and over again. And those can be things that are a constant struggle for you. Your struggle may not show up in a big thing. It may play out in a bunch of little things.

The point is, once you identify it, it’s part of your core message. It’s also part of you. We teach what we’re here to learn. So it’s your practice area.

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What has been your biggest struggle or challenge in life so far?

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