Diversity in Coaching

It’s no secret there’s a lack of diversity in the coaching industry. That’s why IGC has set aside $33,000 in scholarships this year.

IGC is waking up. We know we have a ways to go on our collective journey towards teaching personal development in a way that truly reaches all women. We’ve made it part of our mission to create a space that feels valid and appropriate to individuals of all backgrounds, races, ages, sexualities, sizes and abilities. To stay in contact so you’ll be notified when the next round of scholarship applications opens, click here to take our Find Your Glow assessment so you’ll be added to our list! .

Hayley J. Mckenzie
Full Scholarship Recipient (2018)
Leaders Rising Graduate Student
Fall 2019 Coach Trainer


We do not stand for harmful coaching phrases like:

Our commitment. Inner Glow Circle is committed to making coaching and coach training more accessible to women (including transgender women and non-binary people) of all ethnicities and races. We are dedicated to creating programs and online spaces that are appropriate and sensitive to each individual’s particular needs and actively work against discrimination in all forms.

Support through scholarship. Every year, Inner Glow Circle’s Activate Your Glow Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program provides tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to those from traditionally under-represented and/or marginalized groups who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend our Coach Training program for financial reasons.

Walking our talk. We know when people from diverse backgrounds come together in a group setting, the space is enriched with different views, perspectives, and life experiences. We see the lack of diversity in the industry, and we are committed to doing better. IGC has made a commitment to cultivating diversity and inclusion in all of our programs and on our training and management team. Over the last three years, IGC has seen a 600% increase in women of color joining our coach training program. From four self-identifying women of color in 2017 to 28 women in 2019, IGC is honored to have earned the trust of the women who have chosen us.

We recognize the gap and are committed to changing the way the coaching industry looks and operates. 

We know white privilege, socio-economic ills, generational patterns and biases based on race, creed, sex and gender exist and creating your own reality isn’t easy.

We also believe coaching can be a catalyst for profound change and personal transformation. We’ve witnessed the power of coaching and its ripple effect. Coaching first transforms you, as the coach, and then impacts your family, business, community and beyond.

Have you been wanting to become a coach, grow your business, build a personal brand and join a program that welcomes diverse ideas, people and experiences? We want to help you get there. This year, we’ve set aside $33,000 in scholarship funds to help make your dreams a reality.

Thea Sobers Charles
Full Scholarship Recipient (2018)
Leaders Rising Graduate Student

What do you wish existed?

We see the opportunity for growth in the coaching and personal development space. Here’s what we’re doing about it…

One of our core values is to “create the thing you wish existed.” That’s what we’ve done with this scholarship. We’ve created something to serve YOU as an individual and honor your unique heritage, ideals and experiences. 

For 2019, we’re offering two full scholarships and three partial scholarships towards the Inner Glow Circle Coach Training Program, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

Anyone who feels they meet the criteria below are encouraged to apply:

—Black, Indigenous and Women of Color, transgender women, non-binary people and other marginalized groups
With a financial need for scholarship
Interested in becoming a coach, growing with IGC and becoming a Trainer

NOTE: As an ICF Accredited Coach Training company, Inner Glow Circle is required to hire Trainers who are graduates of our Coach Training program. To truly expand our mission around Diversity and Inclusion and create a more diverse work space, we are looking for women who are interested in growing with the company.

Although we can’t require or guarantee a contract as a Coach Trainer after graduation, we are looking for women who have a strong desire to partner with IGC and become a Coach Trainer so they can lead their own class in a paid position with the company.

Cat Almanzor
2018 Partial Scholarship Recipient

Rigbe Mengistu Curtis
2018 Partial Scholarship Recipient

Our Commitment

To listen when people of color and people from marginalized communities speak up and share their experiences and to facilitate the journey of all students as they build their coaching skills, create successful businesses and transform from the inside out, reconnecting with their inner glow.

We can’t wait to work with you!