IGC has put aside $33k in scholarship funding this year, but first let’s talk about you

Have you been wanting to become a coach, grow your business, build a personal brand and join a community that welcomes a diversity of ideas, people and experiences?

We want to help you get there.

IGC is waking up. We know we have a ways to go on our journey toward teaching personal development in a way that truly reaches all women. We’ve made it part of our mission to create a space that feels valid and appropriate for women-identifying people of all backgrounds, races, ages, sexualities, sizes and abilities.

Inner Glow Circle believes

  • Your dreams are on the other side of deciding to take action and show up in a new way.
  • Thoughts become things and by changing how you think, you can change your results.
  • Creating positive change for yourself starts with taking responsibility and owning your story.
  • It’s possible to use your past experiences as fuel for your future.

We do not stand for harmful coaching phrases like:

  • “You attract every single experience you have.”
  • “Victim consciousness is just a low vibration.”
  • “Suffering isn’t real.”
  • “It’s easy for anyone to be successful.”

We know white priviledge, socio-economic ills, generational patterns and biases based on race, creed or sex exist. 

Creating your own reality isn’t easy. Women of color and non-cisgender women can experience additional challenges. The same is true for women with physical, mental, emotional and/or financial challenges.

What we do know is this: coaching can be a catalyst for profound change and personal transformation. We’ve witnessed the power of coaching and its ripple effect. Coaching first transforms you, as the coach. Very soon, it will impact your relationships, family, business, community and beyond. 

It is powerful.

diversity scholarship winner

“This is the most action I’ve taken in 2018. The most love I’ve felt in this life. The closest I’ve felt to Hayley in a long time. Most of 2018 was spent mustering the strength to get out of bed. I have found a home with people that love me and have my best interest at heart. To lose this community even for a month would be detrimental to my growth as a woman and an entrepreneur.”

Hayley J Mckenzie, 2018 IGC Full Scholarship Recipient

What do you wish existed?

For years, we’ve seen the opportunity for growth in the coaching and personal development space. Here’s what we’re doing about it…

One of our core values is to “create the thing you wish existed.” That‘s what we’ve done with scholarship. We’ve created something to serve YOU as an individual and honor your unique heritage, experiences and ideals. 

For 2019, we’re offering two full scholarships and three partial scholarships towards Inner Glow Circle’s Coach Training Program, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Anyone who feels they meet the criteria below are welcome to apply: 

  • Women of color (including those identifying as women)
  • With a financial need for scholarship
  • Interested in continuing to grow with IGC and becoming a Trainer 

Important note: As an ICF Accredited Coach Training company, Inner Glow Circle is required to hire Trainers who are graduates of our Coach Training program. To truly expand our mission around Diversity and Inclusion and create a more diverse work space, we are looking to attract students who are open to growing with the company.

Although we can’t require or guarantee a contract as a Trainer after graduation, our vision is this: ideally, after graduation, a graduate will join the upcoming coach training session as a Student Trainer and the following coach training session as a Trainer (a paid position), leading their own class.

Thea Sobers Charles is an awesome coach, can I just say? In 40 minutes we worked through my mission, vision and tag line for my business. I’m feeling great with her support!”

Monika Hutchinson, IGC student, talking about a session with Thea (pictured above). Thea was one of our 2018 scholarship winners and now hosts her own monthly group coaching call in the IGC Mastermind. In 2019, her group call was one of the highest attended!

The application has two parts

Step 1:

We want to understand your interest in coach training, personal branding and business development. We’ll support you through every step of the process as you untether your soul and build your dream business. Please fill out the application here. < insert link to Google form >

Step 2:

We want to understand your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the coaching industry. We are looking for leaders to lead with, not just followers to follow along! 

Spread the word and generously invite others to apply. Use the hashtag #IGCStands4Diversity and share on social media. Make your post public!

SAMPLE POST: “I applied for Inner Glow Circle’s Activate Your Glow Scholarship. I’m a stand for diversity inclusion, and I’m inviting you too! Take a look at www.innerglowcircle.com/diversity #IGCStands4Diversity”

2019 Recipients

  • 2 recipients will receive full tuition to our ICF Accredited Coach Training program (value $12,042)
  • Up to 3 runners up will receive a $3,000 partial scholarship towards our ICF Accredited Coach Training program

Our commitment:

  • To listen when people of color and other minorities speak up and share their experiences
  • To facilitate the journey of all students as they build their coaching skills, create successful businesses and transform from the inside out, reconnecting with their inner glow

We hope you’ll apply, and we can’t wait to work with you!