My mom knows what I do. In fact, she helped us so much in our business in the early years and she is really supportive. But even so, she has her critiques.

So my rule is just don’t ask people for their opinion.

When you’re getting started as an entrepreneur or coach, you’re constantly looking for feedback, but often in all the wrong places. You don’t need to ask your grandma at the dinner table what she thinks of your website. Don’t as for directions from people who aren’t going where you’re going!

Bring your questions to the IGC Mastermind for feedback. The ladies in the Mastermind are in your industry and have been where you are before.

Don’t ask your cousin who works for social security about how to be an entrepreneur! Don’t listen to family members with really different political views who tell you not to write your views online. As a woman living your purpose, everything you do is to forwarding the feminist movement. Don’t doubt yourself when people who aren’t on your level doubt you. Join the Mastermind for support, instead!

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Who do you turn to for advice, feedback or mentorship?

Katie DePaola