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Your Guide to Glowing this Week


LAST CALL TO APPLY FOR A LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY! Have you heard about our Fall 2019 Coach Training scholarship yet?! Inner Glow Circle’s Diversity Scholarship Program provides support to those from traditionally under-represented and/or marginalized groups who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend our Coach Training Program for financial reasons. We are giving away 2 FULL scholarships and 3 partial scholarships ($33,000 value!) Look at it as an incredible business loan you never have to pay back. Is this real life?! Applications are being accepted through this Friday the 13th at 11:59PM EST. Click to apply now!


So, what exactly IS life coaching? How is it different than therapy or consulting? Do they just hand out advice? What can people expect from hiring one? In our latest video, “The Truth About Becoming a Life Coach,” Training Coordinator Kelly Curtis gives you the lowdown on exactly what life coaching is (and what it isn’t!). Check it out here!

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Is Coach Training only for people who’ve never coached before? Ummm, no! So you want to maximize the business you already have? Do  you feel called to pivot in your work? Then you WON’T be alone in our Coach Training program. Take Hayley J McKenzie, for example. She guest hosted Glow CEO with Katie last week to talk all about how Coach Training helped her pivot from surface level strategy coaching to deep, life changing transformation coaching. She wanted more, and that’s exactly what she got! Do NOT miss this week’s Glow CEO where Katie will be teaching about How to Start Feeling “Good Enough” And Ditch Impostor Syndrome!


Why do the expensive blackberries at Whole Foods taste so much better than the bargain ones? And what does that have to do with social media? Everything. Let’s talk organic growth (see what we did there?). Organic growth is building your following and engagement completely on your own (ahem, no bots.) We know, it takes a lot more time to build a following on your own than hiring someone to get you 1,000 new followers a day. But this week, practice organically growing your following! What do you need to ‘feed’ your account in order to watch it grow? More honest storytelling? More pictures of your gorgeous face? More time giving other accounts some love? Create a plan and stick to it this week! Write down how many followers you currently have and compare it to how many more you have in a week! Get that account growing and glowing (the natural way!)


How often are you including activities in your weekly schedule that directly produce income? For example, do you have time blocks in your calendar for consults or follow up calls with potential clients? It can be easy to get bogged down with all the things in your business (consistently showing up on social media, writing newsletters, making business cards, creating a website…etc.,) but don’t forget to make time to actually GET ON THE PHONE with leads every single week! This week, block off exactly one hour to follow up with potential clients. Then, hop into our FREE community and tell us what happens. We bet you’ll have a new contract to tell us about!

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Full Moon alert! This Friday (the 13th!) there is a Full Moon in Pisces. Those witchy Pisces…The Full Moon in Pisces represents dreams and intuition. This week, reflect on things that you have become much more aware of lately. These are the things you need to focus on manifesting around this moon! Have you been thinking about changing careers? Meeting new people? Making a lot of money? All 3 of those? If so, then you’ve already manifested it. (Hint: it’s Inner Glow Circle) Fall 2019 Coach Training enrollment is open until September 30th! And in case you missed it, we’re giving away $33,000 in scholarships! Hello, abundance. So if you’re ready to have a fulfilling career where you constantly meet new people AND make tons of money? You need to read more about Coach Training now.


A full moon, shorter days, the busyness of the school year and fall events. Deep breath, Glow Getter. We know you may catch a serious case of the feelings. This week, let’s focus on emotional wellness. When it feels as though the Universe and, you know, life are overwhelming you, it’s time to take inventory of what you’re grateful for. This isn’t just some corny personal development exercise. Research proves gratitude is the direct antidote to anxiety. Seriously, just ask Brené Brown! When you list all of the things you’re grateful for, you also list the things that bring you joy. Make your list this week and let it serve as your true north for a more joyful life!

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