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Your core message is going to evolve.

If you want to get clear on your message, you have to accept that it’s going to change and evolve over time. It’s a normal as we move into this work and up level or move laterally to feel like, “oh my God, I don’t even know what I do.” 

Even Inner Glow Circle’s COO, Liv Chapman, experienced this confusion as she moved further into her role in the company. “I was very uncomfortable trying to explain to everyone what I do now,” she says, “I actually had to practice with Katie (IGC’s CEO) and other people.” 

You’re going to be in relationship with your core message. It’s going to change as you change. Ultimately, we all just want to be able to get online, onto a coaching call, into our email system, into a google doc and type, talk and write freely without any kind of reservation. We just want to be able to pour our heart onto the page without having to get keyed up. We want our hearts, our souls and our intuition to do the talking for us.

We also don’t want to have to try so hard.

In certain environments, you can tell when someone’s trying. There’s a difference. Sometimes it’s just a little tweak. Plus, we can tell when we’re trying too hard. And instead of trying, we want to be. We want to practice. We don’t need to try. We just are.

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In our years coaching and training female entrepreneurs, we know a lot of women, when they’re starting in business, have a hard time with their elevator pitch or telling people what they do and explaining their message.

Again, Liv Chapman says part of being able to competently do that was actually practicing and then listening to it. “Sometimes I’d listen and think, ‘oh my god, that sounds so awkward. That is not me.’ But eventually I’d land and something and be like ‘that’s it!'”

Here’s your GLOWork

Go back and revisit your content. Even if it’s google docs, journal scribble, or video drafts you’re not putting out publicly.

Record yourself in the mirror introducing yourself as coach or business woman or whatever your services are or business is about.

Go back and watch it and then figure out if that was real. Ask, “where can I step more fully in?” Take out some stuff that’s not actually yours. Experience your content for yourself and see what clicks and what doesn’t.

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What is your core message, Glow Getter?

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