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Glow getter,

You have a story to tell.

Of course, you’re meant to be visible.


You’ve said yes to this work, this dream because you want to be seen. You have a powerful message and others need to hear it. But first, you need to speak it. You need to get clear, confident and take bolder actions than ever before.


Do you ask yourself,
Who is going to listen to me?
Am I smart enough, good enough, different enough to stand out?
Am I even ready to be seen on a bigger level?

Look, we’ve been there. And the thing is: ready is a lie.

When you allow yourself to be seen in your work, you open up the gateway to be seen everywhere. You learn to be seen and heard in your relationships, to accept and love all of who you are and to get paid more money than ever for your work. 

So how do you start mixing the provocative with the professional and start sharing with zero shame?

Welcome to Get Visible.

Get Visible is a 3 module online course that will teach you how to get clear on  your message, share it with the world, change more lives and make more money than you ever thought possible.


This program is for you if…

  • You want to be seen on social, interviewed on podcasts and written about in the media
  • You want to KNOW YOUR IMPACT — and hear monthly, weekly and daily that just by showing up and being yourself, you are changing lives
  • You want to play big and do the inner work to get visible, but you fear being critiqued
  • You worry people won’t think you’re interesting or that you won’t have enough to say
  • You know you’re meant to change lives, but fear you won’t reach enough people
  • You know in your core you are meant to fulfill your life purpose, but worry getting visible will demand all your energy
  • You fear visibility because you know great influence comes with great responsibility
  • You want to be seen for all of who you are, but worry your truth will scare people away
  • You know you’re meant to make more money and life is meant to be even easier

Your visibility is EVERYTHING.

It’s how you heal yourself. And it’s how you heal the world.

Listen, f*** your fears.

If you’re waiting to feel ready, you’re never going to experience the power of sharing your message, changing lives and receiving the limitless amounts of money you can make by getting visible.

“Ready” is a lie.

The truth is: you can’t afford to not have those experiences.

Of course, getting visible can feel scary.

You ask yourself,
Am I sharing too much online?
Am I being too extra?
Maybe I should leave out that part of the story.
“I don’t want so-and-so to know that part.”

But those fears? They’re not real.

They’re lies holding you back from changing more lives and making more money than ever before. It’s time to move past the excuses.

This training is for you.


It’s time to Get Visible.

By the end of this program, you’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity on your core message and how to share it powerfully with others
  • How to turn your life experiences into content that converts (aka sells!)
  • Knowing how to create a content marketing plan that you enjoy doing
  • A clear understanding of what your brand is and how to embody it
  • Clarity on your limiting beliefs around visibility and how to move past them
  • The confidence you need to finally ‘say the thing’ you’ve been wanting to say
  • Knowing what social platforms you personally thrive on and how to do it
  • A clear understanding of what being visible looks like for you
  • A step by step plan for how to start getting paid for your work NOW
  • A 5 step formula to getting more visible online
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Bottom Line?

This course will give you everything you need to know to change your life, business and bank account NOW.
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We first wrote this training at the end of 2018. As we started to teach visibility, we started to learn it on a deeper level too. We applied the EXACT strategies we teach in Get Visible to our business, Inner Glow Circle, and in our personal lives.

We did the very work we teach in this training.


  • We had our first half million dollar coach training launch
  • Became the ONLY all women, all virtual accredited training company
  • Grew the company to an all-women team of 20
  • Increased student body diversity by 600% since 2016
  • Led our team through a visual rebrand of our website and social media 
  • Exceeded 20K followers on Instagram and Facebook
  • Grew our Pinterest to 23K monthly viewers
  • Opened our second office in Tampa, adding a finance department to make training more accessible for all women
  • Sold out our graduate-level coach training program, Leaders Rising, and had to open additional spots!
  • Hired an amazing publicist to get us MORE visible

Katie also…

  • Hired an editor and finished writing her first book At Least You Look Good (coming summer 2020)
  • Fell in love, went blonde, evolved her personal look and shifted her relationship with her body
  • Fully stepped into being CEO

Liv also…

  • Won a publishing deal with Hay House for her first book, Old Soul, New Money (coming fall 2020)
  • Started dating again, splurged on hair extensions and started to really love her body
  • Evolved in her role as COO

Are you picking up what we’re putting down? 

Because we followed exactly what we teach in Get Visible, more women than ever signed up for our programs, our company revenue skyrocketed and HOW WE FELT about ourselves and our work changed too.

We first designed this training in November 2018. A month later, we closed out our first half-million dollar year, doubling our 2017 revenue. As of 2020, we’ve sold millions of dollars in coaching services to women all over the world. That’s a lot of growth in just two years, and it’s all because we said yes to getting visible.

Now we’re here to teach you the EXACT PROCESS that led us from ZERO publicity to being featured on Raising the Bar (one of the top podcasts for entrepreneurs!) with Alli Webb and Michael Landau, the founders of Drybar. That’s right, the founders of a $100+ million company with 140 locations and 4,000 employees wanted to interview us!

Because we do the exact work in this training.

You can do it too. You’re here to change people’s lives and help them see they’re not alone. You’re here to reach as many people as possible with your message. You’re here to speak your truth and get paid for it.

You are revolutionary, and your visibility is your rebellion.

But don’t just take our word for it…

What our students have to say:

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When you join, you’ll receive immediate LIFETIME access to:

  • 3 Get Visible Video Training Modules in your membership portal 
  • Get Visible Workbook (36 pages of breakthroughs!)

Module One:
Find Your Core Message

Get crystal clear on your core message, learn how to show up as YOU online and develop a step-by-step plan for creating content daily.

Module Two:
Break Up Your Fear of Being Seen

Get to the bottom of why you’re afraid to become more visible, break through those fears once and for all and decide where to focus your time and energy when it comes to social media!

Module Three:
Get (More!) Visible Online

Get started by creating a 30, 60 and 90 day content sharing plan and implementing our 5-step visibility plan.

Plus access over $700 in bonuses!


BONUS 1: My 5 Steps to Manifesting (And the #1 Mistake I Know You’re Making) — $500 VALUE

Learn the exact method CEO Katie DePaola has used for years to take her from leading a self funded startup to a million dollar company.

BONUS 3: Loving the Real You, Body Positivity and Visibility) — $99 VALUE

Visibility is where physical body meets business. Through powerful journal prompts, you will be led back to a place of strong self love so you can sell from your soul.

BONUS 4: Manifixing: What to Do If Your Dreams Aren’t Coming True — $99 VALUE

Learn to remove limiting beliefs about why you “think” you can’t have what you want and start manifesting the right way!

BONUS 5: Lifetime Access to the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind — PRICELESS!

There are 20+ live group coaching calls hosted monthly where our Certified Coaches use a mix of coaching and training designed to support you in every area of business and life.

Whether you’re growing your business, exploring a career transition or diving deeper into your side hustle, the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind will get you glowing.

The Mastermind includes a private Facebook community for you to meet and network with other female entrepreneurs (and women who are taking or have already taken Get Visible!). It’s access to free coaching for life. Like, what?

This Mastermind is powerful AF and is valued at $828 per year. If this doesn’t have you adding Get Visible to your cart right now, check out the Mastermind schedule here!

Get  Visible, plus all of these amazing bonuses is over a $2500 value!

But you can get it today for just…

PAY IN FULL (Best Value)


(save $69)





One last message from the founders who took Inner Glow Circle from self-funded startup to million dollar business…

The biggest lesson we’ve learned on this whole journey of becoming more visible is that once you do it, once you really put yourself out there and share your truth, there is so much more love, encouragement and opportunity waiting for you on the other side.

There’s more support than you’d ever imagine. We want to help you step into the truth of who you are, with confidence and power.

Are we doing this?



1. How long does it take to do this program? What’s the time commitment?

That is entirely up to you! Although it’s self-paced, we’re not doing surface-level work here so sometimes it takes a bit of time to really uncover the fears you have about getting more visible. As you go through this course, you’ll also have access to group coaching calls in the Mastermind, which will help you get even more clarity around your core message, blocks and breakthroughs. We recommend setting an intention for when you want to complete the course and access the Mastermind for support and accountability!

2. Do I have to be involved in the Facebook group?

Of course not, however, there are so many perks to being in our community! Not only will you be able to meet like-minded female business owners who are going through the same things you’re going through, you’ll be able to ask questions about the course, and practice being more visible and being seen in a small, intimate setting before you go big on your main Facebook page. You’ll be able to network and perhaps even find your new business bestie or podcast co-host!

3. Does this program include scripts to help me create posts online? Will you tell me what to do and how to write social media posts?

You’ll walk away with your very own scripts and formulas! But if you’re looking for done-for-you scripts and social media posts to just copy and paste with no personal touches, this is not the course for you. What we WILL teach you is to find YOUR voice, and then teach you how to own YOUR voice. We don’t do the cookie-cutter approach in IGC. We value individuality. We offer guidance on how to turn your daily life experiences into content for social posts, blog posts, podcasts, articles to pitch and more!

4. Is this strictly for social media marketing or will this course help me with other marketing too?

While there is a lot of talk about how to show up on social media and an added bonus specifically for Instagram, this program also teaches you how to find your core message, break up with your fear of being seen, embody your brand, and explore what marketing channels you want to use to build your business. If you want to market offline, you can definitely dive into this and create a marketing plan that works for your individual needs!

5. I’m in IGC’s Coach Training program right now. Is this course something I can do at the same time or should I wait? Would the cost and the coursework be sustainable?

Absolutely! This is a great supplement to any other training program. While our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program touches upon social media, visibility and building an online business, the content in this program is exclusive and cannot be found in any of our other programs. If you’re interested in the program, the time to buy is NOW before the price goes up. This is a self-paced course with lifetime access, so grab it now, access it as it fits your schedule and start growing your online presence ASAP!

6. What’s up with the provocative pics of Katie and Liv? 

From CEO, Katie DePaola: “Five years ago, I would have judged myself so hard for this. I never thought I’d give myself permission to be this edgy. But you have to remember what I’ve walked through to get here. To be able to show up, be seen and heard. I’ve overcome death, loss, chronic illness. This is more than a marketing campaign. It’s emancipation. As women, we get to be ourselves in our businesses. We get to mix the provocative and the professional. We get to be successful on our own terms.” So there you have it. If you want to get naked and show a little skin (literally or figuratively), this program will give you the guidance you need to do it in your way. It’s all on your terms!