Your July horoscope is here, Glow Getter!

Ready for your July horoscope? There is some extreme cosmic energy taking over this month. What will that really mean for your business and your life? Read the full monthly forecast for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your July horoscope with total confidence!

Cancer season is here and will last until the July 22nd. It’s time to let yourself feel allllll your emotions, Glow Getter. There is a LOT happening this month: a new moon, a full moon, a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. Of course all this is happening during the emotional time of Cancer. No need to freak, here’s your monthly breakdown:

On July 2nd is the new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer. Prepare for a massive energy shift. The new moon provides a clean slate for you to set new goals while the solar eclipse will be pushing you towards your purpose. You may feel a little overwhelmed around this day but try to embrace it. The Universe won’t give you anything you can’t handle! Don’t lose your inner glow. The Universe is actually trying to help you get closer to it. Set goals around authority this new moon and solar eclipse. What roles are you ready to own in your life? Where are you ready to step up as a leader?

Solar eclipses represent new beginnings (just like new moons) so consider new opportunities you would like to take at this time. Maybe it’s a new job or maybe it’s taking the next step in a relationship (or ending one!) Do what you need to do in order to feel like you’re starting fresh and clean.

On July 7th, Mercury will go retrograde. Ugh, again already? Prepare for glitches in technology and be patient. Communication can be skewed at this time so it’s important to be very clear with others. Also be careful what you choose to say. Mercury retrograde can cause people to act out in ways they wish they didn’t! 

There’s no doubt about it, Mercury Retrograde mixed with Cancer season will definitely have people feeling on edge. Practice patience and get lots of rest. As much as retrogrades can be infuriating, they also signify a time to reflect on the past. Take a deep breath and reflect on the last three months. Assess what went right and what went wrong and create a plan of action moving forward once Mercury goes direct (August 2nd!). 

The full moon and partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn is on July 16th. Expect a massive energy shift on and around this day as well. Prepare for past issues to come to the surface. This will happen so that they can be resolved and released. Past issues will surface in the light of the July full moon in order the purge themselves so that you can move forward and live out your purpose. Breathe and release.

The full moon in Capricorn also brings in a grounding energy and is here to remind you that time is of the essence.

Rather than focusing on things that bring you instant gratification or “five minutes of fame,” Capricorn invests her energy in the long term vision. Map out your plan for the rest of your year, as much as you can. Focus on your long term goals and vision.

On July  23rd, the sun moves into Leo. The fiery energy of Leo season will help you get back on track and feel more inspired than ever. Creativity will be flowing and you will be ready to implement everything you’ve learned about yourself during the past moon cycle and eclipses. More on this next month!

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your June Glowscope!

July horoscope Aries: Self-care is everything for you this month, Aries. The upcoming eclipses will have you stressed out, if you don’t take time to slow down and rest. Focus on everything your body needs, not just what you think your body wants. As long as you really make it a point to check in and nurture yourself, your inner glow will shine through all month long. The lunar eclipse on July 16th will occur in your 10th house of career. Expect a shakeup, but make the most of it! You can let this send you into a downward spiral, or you could have fun with this eclipse. If you choose the latter, be open to reflecting on your industry and work environment in a way that will benefit you. July 16th will actually be one of your best career days this month. Make a note of July 21st. This will be a big turning point in your year in wonderful ways. Things are looking up.

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GlowScopes Horoscopes Taurus

July horoscope Taurus: This month will be an exciting challenge for you, Taurus, and you are ready for it. The last few months have been pretty easy for you, and you’re ready for a good shakeup. Be sure to check in on family after the solar eclipse on July 2nd as there is likely to be some drama there. Not to worry, solar eclipses are known for shaking up home and family life. Be sure to keep a close eye on your finances this month. You will have many great money days, which might lead you to feel you can spend more than necessary. Remain conservative in your finances. You are a leader figure this month for family and close friends. Trust your intuition in your relationships and lead with your heart.

July horoscope Gemini: It’s time for your money mindset to change this month, Gemini. The solar eclipse on July 2nd will shake up your current relationship to money. It’s time to grow and expand! Be open and reflective with yourself about how you’ve been spending and saving money. Where can you improve here? Perhaps you’ve been overspending, or maybe you’ve been too stingy with your finances. Either way, it’s time to make a change for the better. You know what you need to do! With Mercury in retrograde, allow yourself to slow down. You’re such a Glow Getter. You are always on the move and onto the next project. This month, slower is more effective and efficient for you. Take a deep breath and take your time with things.

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GlowScopes Horoscope Cancer

July horoscope Cancer: It is crucial you find your inner glow this month, Cancer. You will find you have lots of energy and should direct the majority of it towards inner work. It’s very important to believe in yourself, not what other people say about you (or at least what you think they are saying). You are such a powerful person but you let your mind wander and assume other people think less of you. You are destined to do great things, but it’s crucial that you lift yourself up in order to do them. This should be a great financial month for you. Keep an eye out on July 13th, as that day has a strong potential for high earnings. The lunar eclipse on July 16th will highly affect you, as the moon is the ruler of your zodiac. Your self image (aka the way you perceive yourself) is the highlight of this month. Allow yourself to love yourself, moon child. Find your inner glow.

July horoscope Leo: This will be a great month for you, Leo, as long as you are willing to slow down and chill out for a bit. Mercury is entering retrograde and you will notice the people around you are slowing down. It’s okay to rest. In fact, you need it. The solar eclipse will occur in your 6th house of career, so expect changes in your business or workplace. Allow people and situations to come and go at work without obsessing over one particular thing. The best thing you can do this month is focus on yourself. The lunar eclipse on July 16th will highly affect your spirituality. This eclipse will force you to make changes to your current practices and beliefs around spirituality. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to grow and rediscover what truly makes you glow. Expect a powerful shift on July 23rd. This will lead to great opportunities and discoveries later on this year.

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GlowScopes HoroScope Virgo

July horoscope Virgo: This will be an interesting month for you, Virgo. While the eclipses will not heavily affect you, they will affect many of the people around you. It’s important to be there for loved ones and not be overly critical. But if you’re feeling impacted by what people close to you are going through, check in with your higher self. You can even ask yourself, “is this anxiety/stress/sadness mine or someone else’s?” You will know whose energy is in your space! The solar eclipse on  July 2nd occurs in your 11th house of friendship. Yikes! Expect a shakeup. There is likely to be drama in your friend group. You can partake, mediate or step away! Although the eclipses will be a breeze for you, Mercury Retrograde is likely to affect you more than others. It’s no biggie, just important to be prepared! Prepare to be patient with technology this month and expect things to take longer than usual to get done. Make sure to consistently back up big projects you are working on. Slow down and don’t get overly frustrated. Things will return to normal in August and it will be an excellent month for you. Enjoy the slow pace July provides you.

July horoscope Libra: You will likely be feeling stressed out during the beginning of this month, Libra. Don’t be hard on yourself! This is really due to the solar eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. It’s important to take care of yourself and nurture your inner glow. Spoiler alert (in the best possible way!): you’ll feel significantly better after July  23rd. The solar eclipse on July 2nd is likely to shake things up at work or in your business. This will be due to personal issues going on in the lives of those you work with. It is important you stay strong for them and remember things like this are normal surrounding eclipses. Things will go back to normal soon. Promise! The lunar eclipse on July 16th will affect your family and home life. Not to worry! It is more physical things in the household that will be affected such as appliances or leaks. The lunar eclipse and Mercury in retrograde can cause things to break or malfunction more easily than usual. This of course may lead to frustration in the household but relationships will remain strong.

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GlowScopes Horoscope Scorpio

July horoscope Scorpio: You are such a radiant, divine being, Scorpio! It’s important you remember that this month. It is likely you’ve been feeling a bit down on yourself, and it’s time to get rid of that energy once and for all. Shake it off! The solar eclipse on July 2nd signifies changes in business and career for you. This will be a very exciting time. Perhaps you’ve been feeling down because you’re not following your heart or don’t feel you’re living your true life purpose. The solar eclipse will remind you what your GLOW (greatest level of want) is, and it is important you act on it! The lunar eclipse on July 16th will shake up your beliefs about yourself. This is why it’s important to constantly remind yourself how wonderful you really are this month. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

July horoscope Sagittarius: Death is a core theme of this month, but not in the literal way (don’t freak!). The summer solstice on June 21st likely brought up some old habits or ways of thinking that you are ready to release for good. Take this opportunity to put them to rest. The solar eclipse on July 2nd occurs in your house of regeneration. Your health is likely much better than last month, and you are starting to feel like yourself again. Health conditions will continue to improve all month. The lunar eclipse on the 16th will occur in your money house. Prepare to face important financial decisions. This could be a great thing for you as you are regenerating the healthy parts of yourself and releasing what no longer serves you. Approach your finances with a clear head and a positive attitude. Now is a great time to get clear on your personal, financial and spiritual beliefs.

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GlowScopes Horoscope Capricorn

July horoscope Capricorn: Rest, rest and more rest is what you need this month, Capricorn. The eclipses will try to take their toll on you this month, but you can handle them. It’s just important that you take great care of yourself. Like, really great. The solar eclipse on July 2nd occurs in your house of love and will challenge relationships you’re in. It could be romantic or business related. It is important to not overreact or become overly critical of the other person, whether it’s a true conflict or simply a difference of opinion. Your patience and understanding will be needed. Focus on your purpose during this solar eclipse. The Universe is encouraging you to take a big step towards your true passion. The lunar eclipse on the 16th could bring drama to a friend group. This is a good time to take a step back and reflect on how you want to show up to your friends, family and the world. Allow any bickering to settle itself. Lay low the second half of this month and get your finances together. Now is not the time to invest in anything big. Inner work is needed to be done first. This month might have some rough patches, but remember to glow through what you go through! You are destined to thrive, Capricorn.

July horoscope Aquarius: The good news is that you will not be very affected by the eclipses this month. The bad news is that many of the people around you will be. If you have any Virgo friends, stay close with them this month as they will not be too affected by the eclipses either. The two of you can wait out the cosmic storm together. Expect some issues to pop up at work around the time of the solar eclipse on July 2nd. Coworkers or clients will be experiencing some drama in their lives, and they might bring it with them into the workspace. It will all resolve itself in time. The lunar eclipse on the 16th occurs in your house of spirituality. Expect big things! This is a very (third) eye opening time for you and it’s a great opportunity to shed old habits and start working towards the greatest version of yourself. You have been wanting to make changes and the time is here. Get rid of the baggage and let yourself glow. It’s time to find your purpose and start living it.

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GlowScopes Horoscope Pisces

July horoscope Pisces: This is a great month for you, Pisces. You are hardly affected by the solar eclipses. Your health is very good and you’re feeling more energetic than last month. If you have children, be aware they may be affected by the solar eclipse and will need your help navigating their emotions. You will need to help them rediscover their glow! If you don’t have children, now is a great time to focus on yourself and what makes you feel alive and thriving. Friendships will get challenged during the lunar eclipse. If they’ve been rocky for awhile, they are likely to fall away at this time. If they’re meant to be, they’ll come back in a new form. Interestingly enough, other friendships will strengthen through this eclipse. If you feel it’s time to make a career move, now is the time. The Universe is supporting you and there are lots of job opportunities for you right now. Now is the time to put your best foot forward in your career — and start living out your purpose.

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