November Glowscopes 2019

Your November Glowscopes are here, glow getters!

This November there is a Full Moon in Taurus, a New Moon in Sagittarius, Sagittarius season arrives and *oh shit* Mercury enters Retrograde. 

Read November’s full cosmic forecast below for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your November horoscope!

Hello, Scorpio season!

Scorpio season started on the 23rd of October and lasts until the 22nd of this month.

It’s here to show you your deepest dreams and desires. The season of Scorpio is relighting a flame within you (AKA your inner glow!) Most people think that Scorpio is a fire sign but it actually is a water sign, hence the deep rooted emotions of the season. All your emotions are leading you to your deepest desires. It is your duty during Scorpio season to really sit with your emotions and pay attention to what you daydream about. These are all signs of what you should pursue in life and biz! Scorpio’s energy will have you craving deeper connections than usual. Be a leader and initiate the conversations that need to happen this season. Practice manifest journaling or meditating at night as Scorpio’s witching hour is once the sun has gone down. The peak energy of Scorpio season can be harnessed in the dark of night. Consider hosting a Women’s Circle! 

Anddd here comes Mercury Retrograde *face palm*

Mercury went retrograde on October 31. Talk about a spooky Halloween. But seriously, what is Mercury Retrograde? You always hear people talking about this planet, Mercury, being “in retrograde.” Or rather, you hear people blaming this planet for their problems! Mercury is the planet of communication, and that’s exactly what gets impacted. Computer crashes, phone glitches, delayed flights, miscommunications, arguments and anything else seemingly out of sorts…yep, you can blame Mercury for all that. Well most of it, anyways. When this planet is in retrograde, things just feel…wacky. And they are. So what should you do during these times?! First of all, chill out and be patient. Making a fuss won’t make it go away. If you’re missing certain emails, others probably are too! Communicate directly and add humor to navigate these tricky times! Something MAJOR to keep in mind when this planet is in retrograde: take time to reflect and revisit the past. The illusion of moving backwards is symbolic and relays this message to us. Reflection is powerful. Don’t spend your time living in the past, but take time to reflect. Think about what has improved and what can improve. Mercury Retrograde will be over on November 20th!

Full Moon in Taurus:

There’s a Full Moon in grounding Taurus on November 12. Taurus, represented by the bull, encourages you to push forward and pursue your goals. Discipline may be needed at this time. Slow down and self care! Take time to unwind this Full Moon before you find yourself in the madness of the holiday season. Focus on yourself and your needs. Taurus’ are known to be a bit stubborn so remind yourself it’s okay to open up and be loving. Taurus’ energy reminds you that creativity comes from slowing down (the opposite of what your brain may try to tell you!). It’s also a time to look within, so take time this month for extra relaxation and meditation. This is the perfect time to get moving on new projects. But remember, in order to work smart and methodically, you must first slow down and listen to the voice within. Slowing down and looking within actually helps get you back into your GLOWZone quickly!

Sagittarius season is coming!:

Sagittarius season begins on November 23. This season will have everyone glowing as the energy of Sagittarius is confident and motivating. Just because it’s the end of the year doesn’t mean things are slowing down! It’s actually quite the opposite with the energy of Sagittarius. This will be a great time to focus on end of year goals (financially and personally!) and start thinking about your goals for 2020. The season of Sagittarius will have everyone energized and inspired. More on this next month!

New Moon in Sagittarius:

Finally, on November 26, there is a New Moon in Sagittarius! The symbol of Sagittarius, the Archer, represents directness and aiming high. Sagittarius is wise and knowledgeable, and this New Moon is asking you to view your relationships, beliefs, and desires from numerous different angles. We tend to act on our desires from solely one approach, but the creative energy from this New Moon will bring you lots of new insight if you are willing to view things differently than you are accustomed to. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune, bringing lots of luck in the air. There is a very happy go lucky energy with this New Moon. Expect the unexpected in wonderful ways. You will be glowing from the inside out the days leading up to and following this New Moon!

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your November GlowScope!

November Glowscope Aries: This month is a huge career month for you, Aries. This month will fuel your inner glow. Take what surfaces and turn it into action steps. It’s time for you to step into a leadership role and show the others around you how making changes and taking action can be empowering. Get to work. Be sure to focus some attention on your health and relaxation this month as well. It is important that you detox your mind, body, spirit and surroundings. Explore all the possibilities of your future!



November Glowscope Taurus:  It’s time to come out of your shell, Taurus. You love feeling comfortable and safe (it’s your grounding nature!), but it’s time to experiment. You know that it’s time to shake things up a bit. Here’s what you need to know–it’s time to take inspired action. You have more strength than you realize. Your heart is asking you to explore unknown territory and see where it could lead you. Put yourself out there and get visible! You can always return to your safe haven but this month it is a must that you put yourself in situations that allow you to grow and glow.

November Glowscope Gemini: Sit with your feelings and experiences and feel into their intensity this month, Gemini. Don’t just shut out whatever doesn’t feel good, let your curious mind explore it! There’s much to be learned about yourself this month (especially during Scorpio season) and it can become one of your greatest tools (especially in biz!) Slow down and listen to what’s coming up for you. You don’t need to have the answers to everything. Open to all the possibilities that surround you (hint: there’s a lot!)



November Glowscope Cancer: Be sure to take a little extra care of yourself this month, Cancer, but take time to give some extra love to those around you too! The first half of this month you’ll feel in your GLOWZone. You will find yourself more motivated and inspired than usual and also extra social! After the 23rd, take time to retreat and reflect on what you need. It’s okay to need things! You sometimes struggle with asking others for help. After the 23rd, ask for help if you need it! It will enhance not only your life but the way you get to work as well.

November Glowscope Leo: Stop fighting yourself, Leo. Your shadows may appear this month, but you are ready to confront them with love and compassion. Remember to glow through what you go through. Looking inwards this month will lead you to burst outwards with love. This month could be outstanding for you if you get vulnerable with yourself. Remember just how powerful you are alone. Chase down the visions you’ve been having for yourself and act on them. You’ll thank yourself in the future. Focus on family and home life. Career is stable all month long!

november glowscopes

november glowscopes

November Glowscope Virgo: This year you have realized you hold the power within you to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Don’t hand that power to someone else now. This year has been transformational for you and you will witness the proof of that this month. Remain strong willed. You might feel a little messy at times this month but those are just growing pains. Set the intention to learn something new about yourself as you ebb and flow with the energies of this month. No regrets, keep moving forward. Let’s glow!

November Glowscope Libra: Focus on grounding yourself this month, Libra. You have a powerful voice but if you become overly amped up about things, your voice will get lost amongst the crowd. Center and focus on your personal goals this month and trust that others will feel them. You have the ability to create major change, but you have to be open with those around you. Show others how there is calmness and harmony within the chaos and they will start to see where you’re coming from. You are a light to many, slow down and share your glow with others this month.

november glowscopes

november glowscopes

November Glowscope Scorpio: You are in your natural state for the greater part of this month and it feels electrifying. Scorpio season=your GLOWZone. You are a magnet for all your desires and your manifestation powers are at an all time high. Figure out what it is you truly want and make your plan to get it. (You probably already know what it is.) You must speak out if you want to be understood and get others to see your vision. It has been an eventful year for you and now is time for massive release emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s very important you open yourself up to others this month. If you do, you will be glowing from the inside out. (And might just have some new powerful biz connections!)

November Glowscope Sagittarius: Explore thought patterns and limiting beliefs that you have formed over the past year! Get curious about where they came from and see what lessons or messages they are trying to teach you in order for you to move forward both in life and biz. After the 23rd of this month, things will lighten up for you. Take what you’ve learned and set high goals for the year ahead. There were many transitions for you this year but you are moving into a higher place of being. Your inner glow is returning. After the 23rd is a time of celebration! Put in the work now so you can celebrate!

november glowscopes

november glowscopes

November Glowscope Capricorn: There may be some tough things to face early this month but be patient and compassionate with yourself. Giving yourself space to explore a deeper level of yourself will allow you to grow and glow into the person you are becoming. This will establish a solid foundation to work from in both life and biz and it will give you a confidence boost for the months ahead! Practice extra gratitude this month! It will bring you abundance in the months ahead!

November Glowscope Aquarius: This is a highly creative month for you, Aquarius. November will bring about many new ideas both personally and biz wise. Take time this month to get out and explore as it will highly feed your creativity and that’s something you need right now. You are very compassionate and caring in all your relationships and a lot of times you put others first. This month, practice putting yourself first. There’s no shame in the game (like seriously, don’t feel bad)  and it will only benefit the people you care about down the road. Get out there and take time for yourself! You deserve it and it will respark your inner glow!

november glowscopes

november glowscopes

November Glowscope Pisces: Scorpio season is so powerful for you, Pisces. It lasts until the 23rd and it’s actually dire that you feel into all your psychic, mystic powers. Reflect on the greatest lessons you’ve learned this year. Sometimes you beat yourself up but that only turns you further away from the lesson you’re meant to learn. Be kind with yourself and enjoy this month while you analyze how you can move forward more proactively. This is a time of reflection and cleansing. After the 23rd, give yourself a motivation boost! Now isn’t the time to slow down, as much as you may want to! It is important you keep your energy up and make big moves through the final weeks of the year. There is lots to be done and you have the power to make it happen. Get into your GLOWZone and get to it You will thank yourself as you get presented with big opportunities early next year.

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