I’ve been guilty of seeing things from inside the box. For a long time I was in the thought process that my family and friends were judging the type of life I created. That it was their fault I couldn’t live my life the way I desired. Let me rewind. I left my 9-5 job, life and friends to go off and do a bit of soul searching. I had this desire to create a life of adventure; living in strange places, having full experiences and doing what felt good to me. I wanted to create my own path, not the path that was setup for me.

As I began to dig deeper into my being, I began to drift apart from some of those around me. I felt like no one understood the type of life that I desired to have and all I received was judgment. Judgment for the things I loved to do, judgment for the people I surrounded myself with, judgment for my beliefs and the list goes on.

This was a broken record that was playing in my mind.

One day someone close to me said that I needed to start believing in myself. I ignored this and thought to myself “but I do believe in myself..” I took a good look at what I believed to be true from my point of view. I saw through my rainbow colored psychedelic lens that I wasn’t trusting the type of life I created and I was actually judging myself hard for that, not anyone else. The judgment that I was experiencing from the people in my life, was truly just a mirror of my own self-judgment.

Ouch. Pretty harsh, right?

Once I finally accepted this, I started to see this word judgment fall away from my space. This belief was not serving me. I got responsible and I got real with myself. I began connecting with my intuition, I began to develop a beautiful relationship with my true self and I stood with confidence in my decisions. I kept my rainbow colored lens but got rid of the judgment.

So we all have these ways of viewing our story and the way life “should” be. Take the should out of your mind. What kind of life do you desire? Create it. Who cares if it’s different from someone else’s? Don’t just create it but OWN it. It’s yours and it’s beautiful. If you’re feeling unsure, connect with your intuition and ask her, what does she need in this moment?

So love, where in your beliefs, do you want to get responsible?
Write it and tell us about it.