You know… I’ll be the first to tell you that what I do isn’t anything special.

All of the ways that I’ve tapped into my intuition and put it to use in my life and all of those “gifts” outsiders believe I have are sitting there inside of each of us, waiting to be remembered and unleashed.

When I started actively working with my intuition in an intentional way, one of the most helpful tools I turned to, to give me the confirmation and guidance I was craving, was using oracle cards. Not only could I hold them in a personal space and get clarity for myself, but when I started using them with clients too, a whole new world of intuitive insight came to light.

For one, at the time I was suffering from intense bouts of vertigo that couldn’t be traced back to any physical ailment by doctors, specialists, labs, or machines, so my own intuitive life coach at the time suggested to me that it was time to start reading cards for other people. But what she didn’t know is that I’d had my angel deck sitting on a shelf back home that I’d carried around since I was 12.

My intuition was receiving, and receiving, and receiving, and I was ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, to a point where the energy got so built up, my head started to spin. While everyone’s intuitive back-up won’t have quite the same symptoms, the bottom line is that when you ignore what your intuition is saying to you, it’s going to find every which way to get your attention. Even to the point of being a detriment to your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health.

So, when I started using cards with clients it gave me an outlet for this intuitive energy to channel through instead of building up an internal traffic jam interfering in all sorts of places in my life, as well as my ability to hear my intuition at all.

To anyone who’s been feeling the call to utilize oracle cards for themselves, or with their clients, to deepen the intuitive journey, I encourage you to try. Using cards may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re curious, there’s a reason.

Here’s some easy ways to get yourself acquainted with a new deck of any kind, whether or not you have experience working with cards in general:

  • Just start. The quickest way to get familiar with a new deck is to actually work with it. Feel it’s energy. Take in the imagery. Most of the very first times I used cards with other people, I literally just read the book out loud and then we talked about it. It’s like reading about how to play baseball and actually participating in a game. You will digest the info much more quickly if you engage with it. And like I said, everyone has the ability to use oracle cards if they choose. You do not need any “special gifts” for them to be able to deepen your intuitive connection and support your – or a client’s -life.


  • Let them talk to you as much as you read the book. Even when you’re just starting out, keep yourself open to what you may know, feel, or sense about the cards in light of what the book says. How does this message apply to my life? If I’m using them with a client, I’ll get curious about how the message sheds new light on our larger conversation. Perhaps the card shows the same symbol that’s been popping up all over the place. Keeping yourself open to your own, deeper understanding will not only call in some awesome confirmation, but it will give you practice flexing your intuitive muscle.


  • Pull a card as part of your morning ritual. This is one of the go-to tools my intuition guides me to use during my morning ritual and I especially love getting to know new cards this way. It not only gives me a routine and a container to feel the deck’s energy and messages, it also gives me the opportunity to see how those messages show up for me and fuel my day. And as a bonus, the more I reflect throughout the day, the more and more familiar I’m getting with the cards, giving me a deeper baseline of understanding for the card the next time it shows up.

Working with cards can be a lot like a relationship. There’s a bit of a learning curve at first, but the more you put into it, the more you get out. Deepening your relationship with your intuition can most certainly get an express seat by using oracle cards and can do the same with clients.

For more on the topic of using oracle cards for yourself and your clients, stay tuned for new Ignite Your Intuition call topics this summer!

How do you desire to put oracle cards to use in your life or with your clients?

Tell me in the comments below.