She made 7K in 7 days working for herself as a life coach, but a few years ago that seemed impossible.

Listen as Hayley J Mckenzie shares her story of becoming a life coach.

Before going through coach training,

Hayley had a coaching business but she found she had very few of the tools or skills she needed in order to grow.

She was really just running her coaching business on a whim.

“I really wasn’t fulfilled on a soul level in my coaching business so I decided to take a break. That’s when IGC fell into my lap,” says Hayley.

Since going through Coach Training in 2018, Hayley says she has been able to revamp her previous coaching company to something that she really loves.

“It’s something that really exudes who I am and is very authentic and fun and actually makes me money,” Hayley says about her business.

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

What are her days like now?

Her days are flexible with lots of room for creativity.

Morning routines are big for Hayley and they always involve work in personal development.

Whether it’s meditation, painting, writing new content or something else, she always starts her day with some type of creative outlet.

“I like that to kind of set the tone for my day. Then throughout the day I’ll usually do a couple of client coaching calls. After a certain time I cut off coaching calls and then it’s just strictly family time. I did start this business to create freedom, so I really like to make sure that my time is split between all of the things that I love and not just fully about business,” Hayley says.

She is now a coach trainer for Inner Glow Circle as well, which means starting this fall she will be getting paid to teach women how to start and grow their own businesses.

Her biggest breakthrough in Coach Training?


Coach Training helped get her business out of a dry spell.

“For a really long time, because I didn’t feel good about my business, I wasn’t confident in it. I wasn’t pushing it. I really wasn’t putting myself out there to help the women that I desired to help. And through Coach Training, I really built back up that confidence and wanted to be visible and serve from a very authentic place,” Hayley says about her breakthrough.

She found that once was feeling super confident in her business, clients started rolling in with ease.

Upon graduating from IGC, Hayley has been able to serve her clients in a much higher capacity than she was able to prior to training.

She says coach training impacted her confidence levels immensely.

Inner Glow Circle gave her the tools, support and community she needed in order to grow her business.

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