A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to guest teach our fall coach training class while Olivia, our program co-founder and director of training, was on vacation. You actually heard from Olivia last week when she wrote about how she really is living her fairytale life.

As I was guest teaching, things got hot and heavy! Fear took front and center as we started role playing various coaching situations (not that kind of role playing, girlfriend!). What if my client says X? What if she doesn’t follow through with Y?

Role playing can be terrifying, but as a coach and leader, I’ve learned how to push people to their edges while also maintaining their trust.

To stretch them.
To challenge them.
And to teach them how to trust themselves again.

So this week, I wanted to tell you about Laura Ellen, who graduated from our coach training program last year and will be joining us as a mentor coach for 2017.

I met Laura Ellen at an IGC event we hosted last April (now a $47 virtual training you can get here). She was gorgeous (duh), but her dynamic energy had me notice her amidst the crowd. By the end of the night, I could see she had a special sparkle in her eye.

After hearing from a panel of coaches, I think she caught a glimpse of her future.

Since I met her, I’ve seen Laura grow spiritually and emotionally — and after 6 months of coach training, she made a decision to quit her job and go full force into her business.

2017 is her year because she says it is.

Which reminds me, CHOICE IS EVERYTHING.

In Laura’s words, “in April 2016, I showed up completely solo to an event in a stranger’s apartment in DC because I’d seen an ad on the freaking internet. THAT’S how hungry I was for SOMETHING real. “

So how hungry are you for something real?

Are you hungry enough to attend a virtual training?
To say yes to a mastermind?
To join a coach training program?

Email me directly and say, “LET’S TALK.”

I’m here for you — even when you don’t know how to be here for yourself.

It’s my job. And I love every part of it.