Shannon Bretz here, IGC’s Director of Women’s Empowerment. I have something to confess.

I decided to go through a coach training program purely as a search for personal transformation in my own life. That’s right. I never had any Shannon B 2intention of starting my own life coaching practice.

At least, that’s what I told myself.

I was working with a life + business coach at the time + loved what I was learning. I could already feel my being shifting about life and how I approached it.

But I didn’t even know what my BEING was until I had a coach!

One day, my coach asked me if I’d ever considered becoming a life coach myself. I had never thought about it before, but I was intrigued.

So I signed up for a yearlong life coach training program (and agreed to the $16K investment with NO clue how I was going to pay for it because I saw something for MYSELF there.

Quick commercial interruption! Our Glow Coach Training program is NOT $16K. 🙂

I gave myself the gift of possibility. But I still didn’t imagine myself leaving this training as a professional life coach with my own clients.

Very early on in the training process I realized the “I’m never going to be a life coach” story was a MAJOR lie I was telling myself.

I was saying that I wasn’t going to be a professional life coach because I had never believed I could do it. I didn’t think I was worthy enough to actually call myself coach and get paid for my skills. For me, that shift from disempowerment to true confidence exemplified the power of coach training.

Showing you that you can have whatever you want.

Presenting you with your own power over possibility.

Getting you to declare things that you want in your life (NO MATTER HOW CRAZY) and that you need not worry about how you will until you actually say what it is you want.

So fast forward a few months in to my year long training and I was there and ready to be a coach in the world. I was ready to have clients, to spread and share the power of coaching, to create coaching programs, and to have a MAJOR IMPACT on my own life.

Did I get personal transformation…YES!!! But the other results were even more incredible. Coach training gave me the ability to see my worth. To see my value. To believe that I could achieve what I declared AND the confidence that my own coaching practice was truly possible.

I’m so thankful for my coach training experience for showing me how to lead a life completely at cause for my own success and also for my own failures and to BE with it all along the way. I want you to have that kind of freedom, too.

Enroll in one of our upcoming coach training collectives today! I’m leading the next collective starting a week from now. Hope to see you there, sister!

Guest Blog Post written by Shannon Bretz, Director of Women’s Empowerment at Inner Glow Circle.