If you would have told me three years ago when I was starting coach training, I’d be sitting on this bench in Italy messaging our team on Slack about all of the badass women signing up for Inner Glow Circle’s fall coach training, I would have told you no f*cking way!

I couldn’t have possibly seen all of this back in 2015:

…Starting my own company while I was living in the Cayman Islands

…Quitting my full time job as a waitress at a yacht club so I could go ALL IN on my business

…Graduating from IGC’s program and getting my ACC certification so I could become a Credentialed Coach Trainer

…Moving to Italy in 2018 so I could check off my #1 Bucket List Item of learning how to speak Italian in Italy!

…Meeting my fiancé two months after moving here and checking off my #2 Bucket List Item of finding an Italian husband

We can usually only see just a few steps ahead of where we are because it’s so hard to comprehend what could actually be possible for us. We think our BIG DREAMS are much farther away than they actually are, if we believe they’re even possible in the first place.

We think, “there’s no way could that happen” instead of “OMG I can TOTALLY make that happen” or even “that’s definitely possible.” We make decisions based on what we’re seeing right in front of us instead of making decisions based on what else could be possible.

We get scared because we can’t see the entire staircase so we become paralyzed and play the “what if” game.

Your dreams are actually a lot closer than you think they are. But you have to take the first few steps (sometimes even blindly) to put things into motion.

Where will YOU be in the next 6 months, year, even three years?

What could be possible for YOU if you take these next few steps and join us in 12 days for Coach Training?

Email training@innerglowcircle.com for more info on how to get started this fall.

Shannon, IGC Trainer + Marketing Coach