This is a training on content, marketing, branding and storytelling.

It’s all about content and how to get your story out into the world. This can be content for your sales pages, social media, your website, etc, etc.

Number One

You want to be yourself. You want to be yourself in your life and in your business. You want to tell the truth.

Beyond that, you want to tell what we call the #truthtruth.

For example, the #truthtruth is often missing from the money conversation in the world of online marketing and coaches. The truth might be, “I made $X in revenue!” Okay, that’s nice. But, the #truthtruth is, “What did you actually take home? What did you actually profit? Where did you spend your money?”

The #truthtruth is taking the truth to another level.

A great coach will always ask you, “what else?” And “what else” often reveals the #truthtruth. That’s the main thing. Write the truth. Tell the truth. Be comfortable there. “What else” will reveal the truth.

Number Two

If you are looking at this from a personal development perspective, it’s going to help you see the parts of yourself that maybe you’re not shining a light on.

In the professional or business perspective, this is where all your content lies.

You want to keep sharing the same message over and over, but you want to share different parts of it.  This six-part training is going to help you identify the different parts you’re ready to share.

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Here’s your GLOWork

If you could say anything, what would you say?

Just free write. We know your survival mechanism will answer by saying, “say anything where? Say anything online? Say anything to my clients? Anything to my boyfriend? To my parents?”

Say anything. Anything. All of it.

If you could say anything, anywhere, what would you say?

Let it all out. This is practice for you.

Share your answers in the comments!

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