Dear goddess,

I’m getting SO excited for our first-ever IGNITE event, happening on April 28th in Washington, DC. katied

We’ll be featuring eight of our amazing IGC Leaders, who are flying in from the Bahamas + beyond, just to be with YOU for this intimate in-person gathering.

IGNITE will be extra special because it’s an interactive event. We’ve only made 50 seats available, because we want to create an environment of sisterhood + sharing like never before.

This week, you read a blog post from Kelly Atwood, our resident goddess of wealth and wonder. Part of Kelly’s divine mission is to teach women how to feel empowered around money, which includes how we invest + engage around our finances. I’ve known Kelly for over a year now, and if I’ve learned one thing about this woman, it’s that she wants all of us to live beyond our wildest dreams, never again trapped by the enticing illusion of “I can’t afford it.”

But hear this: expanding into our dreams doesn’t mean living beyond our means. The key {as Kelly teaches}, is to live in alignment with who we are + what we desire, knowing WE source our own health, wealth + happiness. Is there something you desire, sister? YOU can create it.

I hope to see you at IGNITE—and sincerely hope you’ll do whatever you need to be there in person with us.

In honor of your expansiveness,