Your June horoscope is here, Glow Getter

Ready for your June horoscope? Take a peek at the full monthly forecast and then find your zodiac sign to get everything you need to know about navigating the cosmos this month!

Gemini season is in full swing, so listen carefully! You might find yourself caught up in more drama than expected this month. F*ck, right?! Wrong! We’ve got you.

Just because Gemini season is full of unexpected twists and turns, doesn’t mean you’ll be thrown off by the vibes. In fact, this time of year can actually be really fun if you learn how to play along with the energy of the twins. Like, really fun.

We just finished up with Taurus season, which was a little slow paced but grounding nonetheless. With this June horoscope, Gemini is encouraging you to pick up the pace and get moving in both biz and life. It’s really time to dive into your zone of genius, your GLOWZone.

How do you stay in the zone? Get clear on your GLOW, your greatest level of want, and then get after it! What do you really want for yourself? Your biz? The world? Everything you do has to point back to your core desires.

Take note: you’re going to feel unexpectedly chatty this June. That’s part of the meaning of Gemini season! It’s a highly social time which is perfect as you head into the upcoming summer months. The weather is warming up and you can finally ditch the Lululemon leggings you’ve been hiding out in for something a little sexier.

Whether you’re drinking a lemonade or a margarita, you might be surprised to find yourself initiating small talk with the hottie across the room. That’s just the spirit of Gemini egging you on. Glow with it!

If you’re in a relationship, good news! Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury, the planet of communication, just returned back to the sign of Gemini. This means the doors of communication are open and flowing! Now is a great time to have those big talks with your life or biz partner that you may have been avoiding. If you’re single, even better. With communication flowing, you’ll be sending out all the right vibes. The chance of attracting what you want is higher than ever.

We’re not quite there, but we’re almost halfway through 2019! Your June horoscope is asking you to to really enjoy how far you’ve come so far this year (both personally and professionally) and celebrate with others. Say yes to as many social outings as you can, leave the phone in your purse and dive deep into conversation with others, get to know new people. Attend any networking events that pop onto your radar! Now is a really strong time to make new business connections.

Not so into the social outings but still looking to connect with new people? Join an online community like the IGC Mastermind where there are over 20 live group coaching calls to connect with other Glow Getters throughout the month. You can chat life and biz from the comfort of your own bed. Who said you had to go out to indulge in this Gemini season?

Gemini season sounds like so much fun, right?! Right. But why do some people say, “Oh god, never trust a Gemini.” What’s that all about?

Here’s the thing, Geminis can be superficial. They love the drama. They love the gossip. All that chatiness can lead to great connections and ideas, or it can lead to spreading rumors and talking sh*t. That part of the season is up to you.

Let’s talk about June’s New Moon! Save the date. June 3 is the New Moon in, you guessed it, Gemini. There’s SO much Gemini energy going on this June! New Moons represent new beginnings. Now is the time to begin a new project or set goals around something personal such as making it to the gym 4 days a week or getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night. With social Gemini season in full bloom, self care is so important right now. Remember to tend to your inner glow! Be mindful of the conversations you’re having during this Gemini New Moon as it is a high time for manifesting. This month’s horoscope wants you to think positively and take action from that place!

What about June’s Full Moon? The Full Moon in Sagittarius will happen June 17. Set a reminder of this moon  in your calendar, too. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will bring a burst of fresh energy and perspective. The symbol of Sagittarius, the Archer, represents being direct and aiming high. This Full Moon will have you feeling ambitious and eager to move forward with plans. Do it!

On June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer, where it will stay the rest of the month. Ramp up your self-care, because you might start feeling extra sensitive over the next few weeks. Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs. This will be a big time to focus on home and family life. We’ll talk more about this in your July Glowscope coming out next month. For now, let’s go into your particular zodiac sign!

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your June Glowscope!

June horoscope Aries: It’s time to set your sights on that one particular thing you are passionate about, Aries. No major changes will happen in your finances this month so put your money worries to the side. Shift your focus toward what you need to do to in order to find your purpose and start living it. You’ve likely been caught up in the material world these last few weeks and all of that will change on June 9. Rather than finding romance in shopping and nights out, you will begin to form a new found love for knowledge. Now is the time to seek out lectures and new books as these things will help lead you to your GLOW, your greatest level of want. Now is the time to retreat inward and lay low. You will be glad you did. It’s very important that you take care of your health from June 21 on. The shift in the cosmos on the 21st will bring you great stress that is likely to wreak havoc on your health before anything else, if you let it. Practice patience towards end of this month and take care of yourself, Aries.

June horoscope Taurus: This is a great month for you, Taurus. Your energy levels will be high and things move at a healthy pace. Money is your biggest theme this month. You are currently at a yearly financial peak. Money is available to you through many outlets this June, so soak up the energy of Gemini season, get out there and meet new people. Talk about your business and what you do! Don’t be scared to invest in your marketing, whether it’s introducing your business to new advertising channels or putting yourself out there in a bigger way. Remember you have to invest in yourself if you want others to invest in you too. Get creative with your offerings and where you’re offering them. Curious about love? Pluto, your love planet, is retrograde this month, so things will likely stay consistent. If you are in a relationship, it should remain steady. If you are single at the beginning of the month, you might be single at the end of the month too. But this doesn’t mean you push this part of your life to the side! It’s a great time to work on your inner glow and your internal foundation. Whether with yourself or another, give your relationship some extra love June 21 and on. The planets will be rearranging and could cause conflict. Mars is out of bounds until June 12. Allow changes to take place, after the 12th things will normalize.

June horoscope Gemini: You will be glowing a little more than usual this month Gemini, as the Sun is shining its light directly on your zodiac sign this season. You have established a great sense of independence and are truly enjoying life right now. Everything should seem pleasurable to you. On June 9, Venus (the ruler of love) will be blessing you with good fortune. You are learning to be independent, so now is a time for self-love above all. There are many planets currently in opposition of Jupiter, your love planet. If you are in a relationship, the connection may feel a bit distant. It’s not about you! Your partner is doing some internal work right now. Allow it to happen! Show your love, but remember, you can’t do their inner work for them. In the end this will bring you both closer. If you are single, take yourself on a date! It’s time to show yourself some love and appreciation for how hard you’ve been working this year. Work may feel a little stressful this month. You will be having lots of fun and this will distract you from work. That’s okay, this will pass after the 21st but in the meantime, put in the extra hours when you are working this month. Both Mars and Mercury will move into your money house this month, beginning a yearly financial peak. Prepare for higher earnings!

June horoscope Cancer: It’s time to make a change, Cancer. There’s a good chance you feel like you’ve lost your glow lately. It’s important for you to focus on your personal interests to start feeling fulfilled once again. Stop looking to others for approval. It is only important that you approve of yourself! Take time to get back that to place of fulfillment. The planets are currently in a position to fully support you as you make these necessary changes. By June 21, you will be feeling like yourself again. On the 21st the Sun moves into Cancer, fully illuminating you and your desires. Your love planet, Saturn, has been in retrograde for a month now and will remain in retrograde for a few more months. It is important that you make an effort to get along in any partnerships. This could be in business, romance or a living situation. Tensions may heighten but you have the ability to smooth things over. Finances and health are great this month. Your relationship with yourself, your significant other, life and biz partners and even close friends are what need the most love and attention this month.

June horoscope Leo: You’re in the process of a total personal power move, Leo. You are learning to become less dependent on others and consider your own needs first. You are realizing your worth and standing up for yourself more often. All the planets are moving towards you which is continuing to build this energetic shift. This will be a very social month for you. Your themes of this month are friendship and spirituality. You will be given the opportunity to see many different friends this month. Your spiritual life becomes more interesting too, as you find yourself in new places. You are able to look at things from a new perspective and see the light in others, which ultimately reminds you of the light within yourself. If you are faced with any big financial decisions this month, it is very important you think them through. Act with intention, not impulse. Take time to reach a decision. Expect great financial news on June  27.

June horoscope Virgo: This will be a very successful month for you, Virgo. Not only will it be active socially, it will be a very active financial month. Expect your income to increase in unexpected ways. June 11 will be a particularly good money day for you. Take good care of your health this first half of the month, it will need some extra attention. After June 21, health conditions will improve! Just make it a point to really nurture and care for your body more than usual early on this month. Look out for love on June 16! If you are already in a relationship, the dynamic will be even more romantic than usual. If you’re single, stay open to new possibilities coming your way. Prepare for unexpected career turns from June 1st through June 16 as Mercury, your career planet, goes out of bounds. That may sound a little scary, but it’s nothing to fear. Let the cosmos hash themselves out and stay firm in your belief that you are on the right path. Money will still be good! Focus on nurturing your health and home life this month.

June horoscope Libra: This is a very pleasant and optimistic month for you, Libra. Prepare for travel opportunities related to work and the overall expansion of your lifestyle. The uplevel you’re experiencing will lead to great career success starting June 21. You must get a little more competitive in your career this month, but in a loving way. Stay centered, but bring the heat! Many of your friends will experience success this month and that is great for you, too. The status of people close to you is a reflection of you at the core. When they glow, you glow. Health may be a little stressful this month, so self-care is more important than ever! It’s nothing to freak out about, your body is adjusting to the change of season and may  feel a little off! Consider Reiki and other types of energy work, as a lot of these health issues are likely tied to spiritual matters. Finances will move slowly this month. Nothing will be lost, but you might not be seeing the cash flow you’re expecting. It’s on its way, just not necessarily this month. This month it’s important to focus on your career while practicing non attachment to the money aspect and spend time with family. They will help re-energize you. June 12 should be a particularly good day for you. Make a note on your calendar!

June horoscope Scorpio: It’s basically time to cast spells and get sexy all month, Scorpio! Okay, maybe not JUST that. But this month you’re encouraged to indulge in all of your favorite spiritual activities. As a Scorpio, you probably love to think about all things philosophy, tap into the Universe and explore your sensual side. This month is encouraging you to really dive into that! You’ve likely been carrying around a burden or two and it’s time to release the heaviness and focus on doing things that make you feel good. It’s time to indulge in things that bring out your inner glow. You’ve probably noticed your career has been feeling more and more important to you lately. It’s time to take your side hustle front and center. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, but put some serious effort into making it more full time. The cosmos are on your side right now. Don’t overstress about finances. On June 21,  things will begin to improve in that area. Your health and energy are great this month, use that momentum to move forward in your goals.

June horoscope Sagittarius: This month it’s time to focus on others. Your services are needed! You are generally a very independent person. You always have your eyes on the prize and work hard to get it. It’s admirable, but the people around you need you too, especially this month! It’s okay to take a break from work a little this June and enjoy being social. There are things to learn from others and they have much to learn from you! If you’re single, there will be many romantic opportunities presented to you this month. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to really nurture it. The New Moon on June 3 is a very powerful time to lean into relationships. Finances may feel a little unstable this month, mainly due to the fact your financial planet, Saturn, is in retrograde. Don’t over analyze it. Financial issues will resolve themselves in the upcoming months,hank the cosmos! Now get out there and socialize, glow getter.

June horoscope Capricorn: There are many job opportunities coming to you this month, Capricorn. It could be a new partnership, new clients or a new career altogether. If you have been unsure of career shifts, now is the time to find your purpose, live it and get paid.  If you’re the one who does the hiring, this is a great month for conducting interviews. As far as health goes, you are glowing all June! Remember “being healthy” doesn’t just come from eating well and taking care of yourself, it comes from socializing with people who light you up and doing work that feels good, too. Be sure to surround yourself quality people and make sure the work you’re doing leaves you feeling fulfilled. Finances and love are strong this month. If you are single, go directly after what you want! If you’re in a relationship, you will find yourself ready to take things to the next level. Expect a good financial surprise on June 20.

June horoscope Aquarius: Your energy will likely feel a little off during the beginning of this month, but things will turn around on June 12 when Mars returns to its normal path. You will experience even better health than  last month, but don’t let yourself get lazy! Stay focused on your health and keep prioritizing it. Consider any lifestyle changes that need to be addressed. Most of all, your horoscope is asking you to focus on your own happiness this June. If you experience anything that stresses you out, step away and preoccupy yourself with something that gets you back to your inner glow. It’s important to stay happy and creative in order to move past any roadblocks, challenges or fears. Overall this will be a fun month for you! Feel like getting lucky? Keep an eye out for some extra romance on June 13!

June horoscope Pisces: Your career planet is in retrograde all month and your financial planet is out of bounds until June 12. This just means that you’ll likely feel like you can’t get a real grip on your financial situation. You can, the cosmos are just causing you to feel a little flustered around work and money. If you can come to an understanding and trust that anything out of sorts will correct itself and thrive later in the year, you will have a great month. You have lots of fun things happening this month, don’t allow career and finances to take away from the rest. You will have a big realization about your health on June 21 that will feel very empowering. Take care of your body and know your limits. It’s important to nurture your inner glow. Love is very happy this month. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you will have lots of fun with romance. Finances will pick back up towards the end of the month and you will have fun spending more than usual. That’s okay, Pisces! Like your health, just remember your limits with money! Your June horoscope wants you to relax, have fun and take care of yourself. Look out for June 13, as that will be a particularly great day for you too!