At this point you’ve heard all about life coaches, but what is a life coaching session actually like?

Whether you’re curious what it’s like to hire a coach or you’re interested in becoming one yourself, this sample life coaching session led by IGC certified coach Hayley Mckenzie will give you some insight into what a session is all about.

At Inner Glow Circle, we say the top five questions to ask at the BEGINNING of a life coaching session are:

  • How do you want to spend our time today?
  • What is your request? (Make sure your client is specific!)
  • What’s the bigger breakthrough here?
  • How will you know you’ve got what you needed?
  • What do you want to walk away from our session with?
Start getting paid for your life coaching sessions

These questions are soo crucial because a lot of times clients show up to their session with ten different things going on in their lives.

They sometimes start rambling and it can easily take up the entire hour before you’ve actually worked through anything or created a plan of action moving forward.

Direct your client to focus on ONE thing during your time together.

It’s so important to dive deep and really get to the bigger breakthrough!

Tell us in the comments,

what’s the biggest breakthrough you’ve had on a coaching call?