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Let’s talk about what it takes to say the damn thing. AKA, how to be brave.

Say the #truthtruth. Share a message that’s real. Grab a pen and paper. There’s going to be a lot here and we want you to make sure you take notes.

What you want to say, what you feel guided to say, what’s on your heart is what the world needs to hear from you. The world needs you to be the you-est you. That means figuratively, and perhaps literally, standing with a megaphone and saying the thing.

Say the thing.

Don’t worry so much about how to say it. Just say it. The world needs your take. The world needs your heart. The world needs your perspective, your spin, your experience, your stories, your knowledge, your inspiration and your voice.

Inner Glow Circle isn’t necessarily doing anything very different. We have a coach training company. Do you know any coach training companies are there? Our leaders, trainers, and team have private practices. Do you know how many women have private practices that operate mainly on the internet? Easily hundreds of thousands.

So, why are we doing this if everyone else is doing it?

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

Because we have a different take.

We have thoughts that are different. We have opinions that are not always what you see among the noise. And we want to do it in a way that’s more real, more honest, more true than anything that’s currently available.

Share with us in the comments!

What’s the thing you feel most called to say? Where can you start saying it TODAY? (hint: you can start right here in the comment section)

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