An engaging mastermind for the woman desiring live group coaching, monthly modules and a loving, members-only online community!

What is the IGC Mastermind?

Inner Glow Circle is an all-inclusive mastermind and mentorship experience for women seeking sisterhood, support and empowerment in their careers, businesses and lives.

In this space, women who have worked with coaches, mentors, therapists and healers and adore Oprah, Brene Brown and the likes come together to “do the work.” Our clients are female entrepreneurs, working moms with side hustles and professional women with master’s degrees who crave more aligned work.

A dynamic, all-inclusive experience, IGC provides over 15 live group coaching calls every month!

What others are saying

““I think the variety and sort of a la carte ability to choose what’s best for you is extremely valuable and important to know. It really is what you make of it when you need it.”

Alicia Robinson

What makes IGC different?

We are a powerful team of REAL women who have come together to help you find your passion, map out next steps and become your you-est you.

IGC is a live mastermind community for women and by women that will actively support you in creating the life you desire. Let sisterhood, support and empowerment bring your life to the next level.


In this life coaching community, we won’t let you hide or slip through the cracks. Our mentor coaches will meet you where you are and lovingly bring you back to being when your resistance flares up (and when that happens, know that the work is working!).

Whether you’re growing your business, exploring career transitions or simply diving deeper into your side hustle, our team of certified mentor coaches specialize in business, career, marketing, mindset, self-care, relationships and more and are here to support you in every way. Our powerful coaches have joined us from ICF accredited coach training programs like Accomplishment Coaching and IPEC and world-renowned coaching institutes like Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Holistic MBA. They’ve trained under a range of industry leaders such as Nisha Moodley, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jody England and Gina DeVee.

We’ve also curated a sisterhood of brilliant members who generously support each other. Our members include coaches, lifestyle experts, yoga instructors, therapists, lawyers, nutritionists, celebrity stylists, interior designers, intuitive healers, reiki masters, doterra reps and more. Each woman brings her own powerful message, and you, goddess, are no exception. We are done competing with each other, simply reinforcing our own glass ceilings. Real sisterhood is our only access point to true, sustainable change.

who we are and what we’re all about


You’ve been looking for a place where it’s safe to express all of who you are. In a sense, you’re coming home. To your higher self, your mission, your soul sisters. You honor this space, where collaboration wins over competition.


Your faith is bigger than your fear. Let your power expand. Drop the distractions, get real with yourself and decide to be present. In your truth, you will find your sovereignty. Your mess is your message and there are people waiting to hear it.


Own your story like it’s the only one you’ll ever have, because it is. You’ve always known you’re here for a reason. You have gifts, you’re ready to make an impact. Now, is the time to step it up. Go ahead. Get on with it.

this is for you if…

  • You see the value in investing in your well-being, relationships, business and career. You want to be a well-supported woman, as you embark on your mission to create the thing you wish existed.
  • You’ve been seeing a therapist, coach, consultant or healer, love the consistent support and accountability, and want more. You’re ready to up your game and get connected with an entire team of coaches and mentors who believe in you.
  • You deeply desire the support of authentic and vulnerable women who tell the truth about their lives, relationships, businesses and careers. You want the inside scoop on what’s working and what’s not working so that you can move forward even faster.
  • You’re a team player, believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and want to see all women have the opportunity to have it all, on their own terms. You know women run the world and believe that through empowering one another, we have a greater impact on the globe.

this is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for something to save you and hope this will provide the quick fix you think you need.
  • You get jealous of other women more than you get inspired.
  • You’re more committed to complaining about how things aren’t working then creating solutions for how they will.
  • You tend to only join communities, masterminds and networking opportunities for your own forward movement.

What we Cover

You can start the Inner Glow Circle Mastermind any month, any time, but the most exciting time to join is the beginning of the month, when we introduce the monthly Goddess Code™ theme, a core value we believe to be central to your growth and  empowerment. In addition to accessing the monthly modules in your member portal, you’ll also receive a monthly email describing the theme of the month, a quote to live by and a recommended book to spark meaningful conversation and further exploration. Ask questions and share your insights on group coaching calls and through the online community.


Let your love
be greater than your fear


Tell the Truth




Collaboration over competition




Drop the drama and ditch distractions


Be yourself
(and love it)


Practice balance over burnout


Stop using perfectionism to procrastinate


Listen to your intuition


Create the thing you wish existed


Be a leader you would follow

How it Works


You know those soul sisters you meet once and you’re like, “We just get each other!” Join the Mastermind through one of our IGC Mentors or through our matchmaking process, we’ll place you with one who gives you that exact feeling. This woman will guide you and inspire you!


As soon as you join the Mastermind, we’ll introduce you into the members-only Facebook group where you can connect with your soul sisters, get supported as you do your work and inspire others to do the same. Did we mention, 24/7?


With more than 30 calls a month focused on life, business, career, relationships, spirituality, self-care and more, there’s no shortage of support here in IGC! Pick the calls you’d like to join, add them to your calendar and get your glow on! Once you complete your registration, you’ll get a private dial-in that allows you to access every single Mastermind call.


On the first of each month, you’ll get a new GlowBook™ exercise delivered straight to your inbox. Do the exercise on your own or with a sister and share your breakthroughs on our Mastermind calls and the Facebook page! Remember, we are in the breakthrough business so keep the exercises handy and repeat them as often as you’d like!

What’s included in your

Mastermind and Mentoring


more than 30 LIVE CALLS every month

An all-access pass to more than 30 live group coaching calls every month.


Monthly mentoring circle calls led
by your mentor.


Our ongoing commitment to
sisterhood, support and empowerment
in one sacred space.

private facebook

24/7 access to our private online community for ongoing support and sisterhood.

monthly glowbooktm

Receive a starter-kit of GlowBook™ exercises when you sign on and then one more each month of your membership!


Monthly suggested reading based on each month’s Goddess Code™ core belief.


become an

The opportunity to become an IGC Ambassador and receive 20% for any purchases your friends, family, clients and colleagues make through our store!


Our newest Mastermind feature and a chance to apply to lead your own live group coaching call in IGC! This is an opportunity to use your voice, build your confidence, get powerful feedback and grow your following.


Membership rates for additional
events, programs and one-on-one
coaches within IGC.


Angelka“Inner Glow Circle programs are welcoming and inclusive of all women.  When I first joined I was sure that a mid-thirties divorced mom to one was not going to fit or have a voice with the women in the group.  I could not have been more incorrect!  We’ve all been able to learn from, grow, challenge and support each other in ways that previously seemed unfathomable to me.”

 – Angela Travers

“Ready. Set. Glow! I joined the IGC Mastermind in May 2016 and have already learned so much about myself. I have laughed, cried and connected. I have made friends in Honduras and England. Being a part of a group of supportive and like-minded women has opened up the opportunity for abundance and joy. Since I loved the digital vibe, I decided to plan a trip and go meet the amazing women in this group, and I participated in my very first Goddess Circle (completely worth the six hour drive). Katie DePaola was so welcoming, all the women were real and it was refreshing. I left the meeting with enlightenment and a couple more friends. IGC is the bizness! If you want a community of supportive women who really care, this is the place to glow!”

 – Victoria Cartagena

We’ve created the thing
we wish existed.

For years, we heard women across the world asking for a supportive community like IGC. It didn’t exist, so we made it! IGC is truly the first of its kind. We hope you’ll join us on this big adventure.

pay-in-full for a year
(2 months free!)


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pay per month



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Questions and Answers

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Your IGC membership is month to month or annually, based on your original payment plan. To cancel, you must give 30 days notice through our cancellation form in the membership portal. You are responsible for any payments due within those 30 days.
The basic Mastermind and Mentoring Membership is designed as a year-long program, but optionally as a month-to-month program as well. Many of our members stay with us beyond their initial year for ongoing mentoring, accountability and support.

Join through one of our Mentors or we’ll match you with someone who will TOTALLY get you through our extra special matchmaking process!

The Mastermind is our basic membership that you can join and purchase month to month or annually. All memberships will auto renew (we assume you’re loving it!) so if you ever need to leave, just give us 30 days notice. Our Coach Training program is a 6 month course that includes an IGC Membership, or if you’re already a member, you’ll get it at a discounted price!