Your 2019 May Glowscopes are here!

Welcome to the month of May, glow getters!

It is officially Taurus season. Curious what that really means?! Taurus is an earth sign, so this month will remind you to ground yourself and get things done.

Represented by the bull, Taurus is strong and fierce, but can also be stubborn at times. You know what that means! Your stubborn side could come out to play a bit this month, so stay conscious and aware as you’re making moves. Remember, we’re all on the same team in this game called life. You’re working for yourself and your dreams, but you’re not working by yourself! Stay open to the support the Universe brings your way.

The month of May presents the perfect opportunity to step fiercely into your business and start to take your career to the next level. Success is about evolving how we work, what we’re working on and who we’re working with. This month, the Universe is working with you to make some bold moves you might not usually make. If you’re feeling a little “out of character,” that’s okay. You’re just growing and glowing as you get closer to your dream life. You’re becoming the next iteration of YOU.


In the realm of relationships, remember everything is a learning experience. This includes every conflict and every communication. There might be some sweaty conversations coming this month, but don’t worry. The stars are on your side. Communicating clearly with others is very important at this time. Avoid any instincts to isolate and again, stay open! Collaboration is your friend right now. Competition isn’t. Pay attention to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Play nice this month, glow getter! You’ve got big things to do and little time for drama.

Taurus energy reminds us that creativity comes from slowing down (the opposite of what your brain may try to tell you!). It’s also a time to look within, so take time this month for extra relaxation and meditation. This is the perfect time to get moving on new projects. In order to work smart and methodically, you must first slow down and listen to the voice within.

Let’s talk about this month’s major moons. The New Moon falls in Taurus on May 4. Be extra mindful of your spending on this day. Seriously! Circle this date and put a dollar sign as a reminder. Just because you want it doesn’t mean you need it. All those new projects we talked about? Consider taking some first steps on at least one of them within three days of this moon. The New Moon’s impact is most potent three days before and three days after, so again, circle May 4!

On May 15, Venus enters Taurus. You will feel more sensual than usual on this day and likely be craving more pleasure and attention. If you find yourself snapping some sexy selfies, venus might be the culprit. Go with the glow and do what makes you feel sexy and alive. That powerful creative energy will propel you even further during this time.

The next big moon phase comes on May 18, when the Full Moon is in Scorpio. Here comes that sexual, sensual and magical energy once again! This Scorpio moon will deliver messages your subconscious has been keeping from you. Finally! It’s your subconscious! You deserve to know what’s going on. They might show up in your dreams, pop into your head as new ideas or come through in conversations with friends.

Scorpio can appear quite happy and pleasant on the surface, but has much brewing underneath. She’s always planning her next move and trying to grasp the deeper meaning of work, relationships and life in general. This Scorpio Full Moon moon is gifting you the time to sit with your deepest fears, address your  barriers to reaching for your dreams and map out real action steps. If you’ve been hesitant to launch a new product or expand a different aspect of your business, now is the time to face your fear. Sharing your ideas with others close to you will give you the confidence to share on an even bigger scale.

The Sun will move into Gemini on May 21, so this is a day you want to circle too! Gemini season brings a burst of energy and liveliness. You will likely feel more curious and social than usual. That’s the Gemini energy. Have fun with it and learn something new.

Mercury also moves into Gemini on May 21, finally reopening the doors to communication. Communication has been tough for the past few months, so this is a welcome relief! Mercury is the ruler of Gemini so this day will feel really good. Plan something fun on this day. Count your lucky stars, past issues will begin to resolve themselves in a very positive direction toward the end of the month, and you won’t even have to try! Remember to stay grounded and grateful and this month promises to be one of the best of 2019 so far.

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your May GlowScope!

May Glowscope Aries: It’s wise to focus your extra time and energy on family and friends this month, Aries, rather than your career. If work and business may feel more stagnant than usual this month, don’t worry! It’s because your career planet, Saturn, goes retrograde on May 2. The logistics will handle themselves, and there’s really nothing to worry about, just shift your focus to other areas of your life, so you aren’t obsessing over what’s not moving along. Prosperity is in your favor this month, it just might not all come from work. Keep an open mind and put as much energy as possible into family and home life. May 11 will be very good for you both personally and financially. Take it easy on the 21st as the Full Moon energy might having you feeling drained.  Self care and time with loved ones is the key this month.

May Glowscope Taurus: Hang in there, it’s your season, Taurus! Because of this, you may be feeling a little out of your element until May 21. This isn’t a bad thing! You’ll find yourself drawn to topics and financial decisions that aren’t generally like you, but you’re learning to glow your own way. Maybe you’re into tech world and suddenly want  to learn more about spirituality. Or maybe you’re into fashion and find yourself wanting to learn more about the stars! This may feel uncomfortable and out of place at first, but roll with it, Taurus. The Sun is in your sign and asking you to glow up in your relationships and self awareness. On the 21st, the sun enters your money house. Expect great financial gain in the months ahead. Single? Expect to meet a potential lover after May 15 when Venus enters your sign. If you are in a relationship, communication will feel extra smooth with your partner. This is a supportive month for your health as well!

May Glowscope Gemini: Your theme of the month is independence, Gemini! You’re ready to take full responsibility for yourself, your actions and your finances. This is empowering for you. Just remember this includes your emotions. You’re sometimes quick to blame other people or outside situations before taking personal ownership. Practice taking ownership of your emotions this month. The month ahead will feel good to you, especially when the Sun moves into Gemini on May 21. Set your goals high this month. You have the power to achieve them. This is a great month to take advantage of the online world to make money. Offers you put out online are likely to make you more money than usual. The 24th is a particularly good day for this!

May Glowscope Cancer: This is a powerful month of change for you, Cancer. New career and business opportunities are on the rise for you. Do you realize how many people see you as a business professional? Start playing (and dressing!) the part now. Be on the lookout for a new career opportunity on the 7th of this month. Friends will be helpful with finances this month and may even introduce you to someone who will offer you a new job, a new opportunity or want to buy whatever you’re selling! Keep your eyes and heart open! You’ll receive many intuitive downloads around money this month: how to make more, when to save and where to invest. Pay close attention to your learnings and don’t overspend! Previous health issues are being resolved, take extra great care of your body this month. Things are looking up!

May Glowscope Leo: Take it easy this month, Leo! You will likely feel more tired than usual right now. It’s okay. It’s just the energy of this star season. Just be sure to rest and reset rather than push yourself past your limits. This will be a very successful month in your business and career endeavors. Be sure you’re well rested so you can show up in your GlowZone when your energy peaks! You have a big confidence boost coming your way this month that will likely lead to financial gain, now or in the near future. Keep in the mind you also have the respect of your peers right now. Expect unexpected income on May 8! Let things cool down with family as there may be tense situations on the home front right now. Don’t add fuel to the fire. Your energy is low as is! Let everyone chill out while you focus on work. Remember to glow through what you go through!

May Glowscope Virgo: You may feel very out of your comfort zone this month, Virgo. Stay grounded, practice mindful eating and remember to move your body to keep your inner glow as bright as possible. You will be challenged to balance home and work life this month, especially when something out of your control comes up at work. Don’t obsess, just keep moving. There’s an opportunity here, even if you can’t see it right now.  Your home life will keep you calm, so focus your attention there. This is a great month to start (or restart) writing a daily gratitude list. You tend to be a practical person, but tap into your spirituality to lessen the stress. Whether you’re single or attached, give your love life some extra attention!

May Glowscope Libra: Set your focus on outer goals this month, Libra, specifically within your relationships. On May 16 your love planet, Mars, enters your career house. From the 16th on, it’s important to put extra care and concern into your key relationships. If you’re in a relationship and it feels like a full-time job, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Shift your perspective and get excited about improving the relationship. If you’re single, dating might be feeling like a lot of work. Embrace it and learn how to have fun. They call it the “dating game” for a reason! Financial gain is on the horizon for you, but there are delays. This May you’re meant to focus on family, relationships and yourself. It’s also a good time month to detox from stress, drugs, alcohol or any other toxins if you’ve been feeling the call. You must clear out what’s not working before you can receive what’s coming your way. Expect a powerful shift in the realm of romance on the 17th. The 24th and 25th are great days to spend catching up with family too!

May Glowscope Scorpio: You really need to take care of yourself this month, Scorpio! This month is all about self care for you. There’s room for improvement in your health and energy levels. If you can, take a break from drinking and eating out. It will support your bank account too! Don’t be afraid to lay low at home and cook your own meals. Drink lots of tea and water and focus on cleansing your body and your mind. You have been stressed about big decisions in business and career and that has taken a toll on your health and your relationships. Your career or change in career  is very important this month. If you’ve been thinking about going down a different path, now is the time to explore that. If you’re honest with yourself, you already know what your GLOW (Greatest Level of Want) is. It’s time to go after it. Except new career news on May 11.

May Glowscope Sagittarius: Your biggest challenge this month is love. If you’re single, there will be many social gatherings that lead to romantic opportunities. Stay open minded! Your next special someone might show up differently than you imagine. Allow yourself to connect and get curious about someone new, even if they’re different from your usual type! If you’re in a relationship, things might get rocky, but hang on! Mars and Mercury are both in your seventh house, which can cause a bit of trouble and disruption on the love front. Your biggest challenge (and also your greatest opportunity!) will be learning how to put your differences aside and glow together as you grow together. If you can’t agree, figure out how to compromise. It’s important for you to glow your own way, but balance is possible too.  Don’t feel discouraged. If you’re both willing, finding a middle ground with your partner is 1000% possible.

May Glowscope Capricorn: This month will feel great, Capricorn. In fact, this whole year has been a bit of joy ride for you. On the 21st of May, your focus will shift to your work and career life. As you set your sights on business growth, financial gain is inevitable for you. You are encouraged to take an entrepreneurial path. If you already work for yourself, don’t be afraid to take your operation to the next level! The future belongs to the female entrepreneur, and you’re leading the way, and you’re leading the way. You will have a big career day on the 16th. Health and wellbeing are on the up, and exercise is the best way for you to keep a level head if there is conflict in a relationship. If there is a disagreement or a difference of opinion, you will navigate the waters smoothly. You don’t have much to stress over this month.

May Glowscope Aquarius: This month feels a bit like the twilight zone for you, Aquarius. The people around you are all operating outside of your usual comfort zone. You’re opening to new realms too! You are gaining a liking for new things and seeing others around you do the same. The beginning of the month invites you to focus on family and personal matters. Engage with friends and family about their recent experiences and spend time learning from them. This month, you will find your strength in socializing with others rather than being independent. Keep yourself busy and engage with others as much as possible. It will fuel your creativity and help you glow from the inside out.

May Glowscope Pisces: You can take a break from worrying about money matters this month, Pisces. You’ve worked hard to secure a steady income, which is something you’ve struggled with in the past! This month money matters will balance out even more. This opens an opportunity for you to focus on communication, both at work and in your relationships. On May 20, your house of communication will be very strong. You’ll have a strong desire to learn something new. Studying areas like philosophy, psychology and astrology are encouraged at this time. Focus on friends and family this month, as your career house is currently in retrograde. There is not much going on there right now, but still, expect a financial surprise (in a great way) on the 16th.