On Monday, February 4th, the New Moon enters Aquarius.

Aquarius, the water bearer, brings in refreshing new perspectives and a great sense of progression. She arrives to help us move forward and embrace new things.

The biggest thing that Aquarius encourages us to embrace is our true selves. We keep many things hidden beneath the surface, but you must allow these parts of you to glow from the inside out in order to help society and ourselves progress.

We shed lots of old habits and views on the Lunar eclipse, and this New Moon is here to usher us closer to our new ways of being.

This is a big time to detox yourself of any lingering negative energies and open yourself up to the possibilities that lie ahead.

The deeper we get to know ourselves, the more we really understand what it is we desire out of this lifetime. Take time this New Moon to explore what it is you really are here to do. What is your purpose? How can you start sharing it with others? If you feel you are already deep in sharing your path with others, how can you go even deeper? What’s the next step for you take now?

We all have a vision of who our best self is. Channel that best self and get to know her traits, her hobbies, the people she works with, the way she handles business, etc. Journal what comes up for you and consult her often.

Aquarius is also here to encourage emotional freedom. Reflect on what emotional freedom means to you, and practice acting on personal and business matters from that standpoint. Spend lots of time this New Moon approaching people and situations with the thought of, “how can I remain emotionally free from this situation?”

Of course, our emotions are powerful tools and it is important to allow ourselves to feel whatever it is we may be feeling, but keep in mind that there are many situations that will present themselves in life that require us to approach them from non-emotional standpoints. This New Moon is encouraging you to practice approaching situations from this emotionally free stance. There’s a lot to be learned from doing so.

Aquarius Crystals: Goldstone, Azurite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Labradorite

New Moon in Aquarius Journaling:

What does my best self look like?

If I had no fear, what would I be doing with my life?

What am I here to learn?

What am I a master of?

What does emotional freedom mean to me?

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Moon in Aries: In order for other people to believe in you, you must believe in yourself, Aries. This New Moon is major for you to take a big step in manifesting your goals. Asking for help is not a bad thing. In order to accomplish your biggest goals, you must ask for guidance and support from the people around you. This is not something you generally like to do, Aries, but allow yourself to try something new and see what happens when you invite the people around you to be a part of your next great plan.

Moon in Taurus: It’s okay to let go of old things, Taurus. You don’t like to be pushed out of your comfort zone or let go of things that have even the tiniest possibility of being useful to you later down the road, but this New Moon is encouraging you to do so. There is so much room for greatness if you let it in, but don’t find yourself buried under the wreckage of taking on too much. Allow yourself to release what it is time to let go of. You know what I’m talking about, Taurus. There are so many great things for you that lie ahead, allow yourself to travel to them lightly.

Moon in Gemini: This New Moon is very beneficial for you and you will enjoy the season, but give yourself some time to dig deeper into the conversations you have. You are the life of the party and are great at going with the flow for the sake of a good time, but this New Moon wants you to be more assertive with who you are. You can still have fun, but get a little more serious. Get a little more curious about who you really are and what you stand for, Gemini. People will respect you for it, and you will find you have a deeper level of respect for yourself as well. Sometimes you forget that’s there.

Moon in Cancer: You’ve likely had a stressful last few weeks, Cancer. This New Moon is here to restore your power, energy, and sanity. It’s important, however, that you do some work around this New Moon for restoring your energy levels and grounding yourself. Your intuition is at a high this New Moon and you are encouraged to reach out to like-minded individuals to talk about business and goals. You will find that talking about your plan of action for the upcoming month will restore your mojo and motivate you for the weeks to come. You are back on top.

Moon in Leo: Call upon your ancestors, mentors, or coaches to assist you in your confidence this week. You have a fiery energy and love being in the presence of others, but sometimes that is just so you can hear your own name be praised. It’s important to love yourself before anyone else does, Leo. This may be an emotional New Moon for you but not to worry, you have a spiritual support team who is here to guide you back to your innermost you. When you reflect inwards on your bold spirit and courage, you will find a new level of love and appreciation for yourself and feel comforted.

Moon in Virgo: You may feel a little unsettled in the energy of Aquarius, as you like structure and to be organized while Aquarius’ energy can roam freely for days before winding down and getting back in a routine. Challenge yourself to find your own form of structure within the chaos this week. Discover new ways of doing things and call on your community for assistance. Tap into this energy and consider creating a new sort of offering for your community that you wouldn’t normally create. This New Moon is supporting you in doing something outside the lines. Flow with it!

Moon in Libra: This New Moon gives you the power to speak your highest truth, Libra. You care a great deal about social justice, but you also prefer when things are balanced. You don’t like to tip the scale and sometimes that holds you back from saying what it is you really want to say. This New Moon encourages you to speak what is truly on your mind and not hold back. It’s okay to tip the scales for a little bit, everything will resolve itself in due time and you will be glad you did. This New Moon is also encouraging you to reach out to people in your community and host some sort of gathering or circle. Surrounding yourself with powerful people and talking about what’s on your mind will bring you a great deal of inner peace, and some unexpected connections too!

Moon in Scorpio: This is a time of death and transformation for you, Scorpio. It is time to really lay any insecurities or hatred that you hold to rest. It is important to meditate on your highest self and channel that energy into your current way of being. There is so much greatness awaiting you right at your fingertips, but you are allowing fear to hold you back from taking what is yours. Purge yourself with the energy of this New Moon and invite nothing but good, loving, motivational thoughts to move you. It’s time kiss fear goodbye and really get to work.

Moon in Sagittarius: This is a very calming New Moon for you, Sagittarius. You will find yourself content and complacent right where you’re at. You may even surprise yourself with how easily you can relax and communicate with those around you at a smooth, soothing pace. Listen in on what others around you are saying and reflect on it. Allow yourself to daydream and manifest from a place of creativity and wanderlust. Your adventurous side will calm down this moon while your mind ventures to dreamland causing a  relaxing, blissful effect on your mind and body.

Moon in Capricorn: It’s time to go out in the world and talk with your fellow man, Capricorn. You have kept a lot bottled up over the winter and internalized not just bad thoughts or feelings, but some really great ones too. It’s very important that you vocalize both the good and the bad with those around you. Vocalizing your thoughts and ideas helps you form clarity around them, and helps other people see your vision too, which is super powerful. Come out of your cave and share your visions with the world, Capricorn. You may surprise yourself at the magic that unfolds when you do.


Moon in Aquarius: This is your season, Aquarius! This is your time to shine and show the world how empowering it is to speak out about what you believe in, what great ideas you have, and how you feel. You are the leader of this New Moon. People need to witness your confidence and hear you speak your unwavering truth so that they may do the same. You are a humanitarian and you are great at helping society progress. It is important to lead by example this New Moon. Who are you ready to be? And who are you leading?


Moon in Pisces: Like Aquarius, you are a leader of this New Moon, Pisces. You are very wise and intuitive, and you must share your gifts with those around you. Lend an ear to those who are finally coming out and speaking more of their truth. You do an amazing job at holding space and really listening. Be a bold leader who is not scared to say what comes to your mind. Pisces season is on the horizon and you will be feeling the effects of that now. You must lead by example and share your truth with elegance and grace, like you naturally do, Pisces.