On Friday, April 5th, the New Moon enters Aries.

Pisces closed out our past lunar cycle and the New Moon in Aries represents a brand new starting point. We are officially in Spring season and the fiery energy of Aries is here to fuel us and help us grow. Your dreams and the work you’ve been putting in these last few months are ready to burst into being through the energy of Aries.

Represented by the strong horned ram, the sign of Aries represents abundance and leadership. The ram is encouraging you to move full speed ahead towards your goals and desires with resilience and confidence. Everything you’ve worked for has led you to this moment and it is time to take action. Specifically speaking, this is business related. The fiery essence of Aries is always moving ahead and embarking on new projects that move her closer to her true version of success.

Of course fears may surface, but it is important to keep moving anyway. Bring your fears along for the ride if you need to, but don’t let fear take the wheel. Remember, if there’s not even a tiny part of you that’s scared when taking on something new, then you’re probably not doing anything groundbreaking. Honor any fears coming up at this time and acknowledge yourself for taking a big leap. Aries is here to support you and bring all your visions to life this Spring. You just need to keep moving forward and believe in yourself. Your time to blossom is now.

Happy New Moon, loves.

Aries Crystals: Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Aventurine

New Moon Journaling:

Where has fear been holding me back from moving forward?

What would I do if I wasn’t scared?

What am I ready to move forward within my business? In my relationships? Personally?

What is the number one thing I want to see blossom in my life this spring? What does this tell me about myself?

Remember, GlowScopes are based on your Moon Sign. To look up your Moon Sign, go here.


Moon in Aries: You are home, Aries. This season feels great for you and encourages you to seek a new challenge. If you have found yourself feeling stagnant lately, get up and out and go on an adventure. When you move your body and get out into the world, you receive so much creative energy that fuels you to start something new. Begin a new project this New Moon, as the energy is fully supporting you and your fiery ways. Don’t know where to start? Take the GLOW (Greatest Level of Want) assessment to give you some inspiration here.

Moon in Taurus: This New Moon will have you feeling a bit uneasy, Taurus. You like to feel grounded and comfortable and this Aries moon is challenging you to rise to the occasion and step out of your comfort zone. Take time this New Moon to reflect on what makes you feel uneasy or unsupported and journal around that. What makes you feel uneasy might be exactly what you need to do more of this season. Step out of your comfort zone and see what happens. The season of Taurus is right around the corner and you will be back in the grounding energy then. Explore something new that you can do during Aries season in the meantime.

Moon in Gemini: This New Moon will feel very good to you, Gemini. You love a good challenge and to try out new things and this moon is encouraging you to do so. You’re a social butterfly and get easily inspired by the conversations you have with others. This generally causes you to have multiple projects you’re working on at once. This New Moon, focus your attention on ONE new thing and put your all into it. Your work ethic is admirable and you’ll surprise yourself how much you can grow when you set your focus on one specific task.

Moon in Cancer: You have a lot going on this New Moon, Cancer. You know it’s time to step out of your shell and start sharing with the world what you’re passionate about, but it almost feels safer to stay quiet. You have magnificent visions and the world NEEDS to hear them. Take time to reflect inward on your truest desires this New Moon and then SHARE THEM. You easily distract yourself by taking great care of the people around you but right now is a time to be a little selfish in honor of your true self and your goals. Get clear on what it is you want. Declutter your mind and create a sacred place for yourself to go inward. Maybe hide out in your room, light some candles and meditate or journal. Right now is a great time to receive guidance and clarity around your future. We recommend you book a 1:1 energy reading with our GlowScopes author Rachael here.

Moon in Leo: This New Moon is a breeze for you, Leo. As a fellow fire sign, this season is fueling your ambitious fire even more. You are ready to start new creative projects and move forward with past ones. Just remember that approval of yourself is first and foremost. You often seek the approval of others before moving forward with ideas and that only slows you down. Other people have other things on their plate and sometimes you take that as a personal hit. You are a superstar and adored by many. Don’t let lack of attention make you feel as though your ideas and visions of the future aren’t worthy or good enough. If you are looking for more support, join the IGC Mastermind where you can work side by side other powerful female entrepreneurs to continue fueling your fire.

Moon in Virgo: It is crucial for you to put yourself first this week, Virgo. You are very hardworking and your hard work pays off but sometimes it causes you to neglect your own self. You can put yourself on the back burner more often than not and this leads to self-judgment later on. You are loved and appreciated and your hard work does not go unnoticed. It is important to take a break and focus on loving yourself right now. Need a little pep talk? Book a 1:1 call with our health coach Laura here and design a plan to get back on track feeling confident in your own skin.

Moon in Libra: It’s very important for you to reflect inwards this New Moon, Libra. You are generally finding balance in the world around you but right now it is time to find balance within yourself. Inner peace is necessary in order for you to execute your goals in the upcoming months. Once you are connected with the solitude within yourself, anything is possible. Slow down this week and listen to yourself and your intuition. If you’re ready to get super in touch with your intuition, which is highly recommended at this time, book a 1:1 session with our intuitive life coach Kelly Curtis here.


Moon in Scorpio: You are a very private person and your mind is always working, Scorpio. You have so much to learn and so much to say but you struggle with sharing your thoughts with others. This New Moon, slow down and collect your thoughts. What have you been holding back from saying in fear of upsetting the apple cart? Contrary to what you tell yourself, the world actually needs to hear what you have to say. When you fully express yourself, beautiful things begin to happen and situations shift for the better. Are you struggling with finding a way to express yourself in a way that feels good? Book a 1:1 call with our storytelling coach Shannon here and map out a plan of how to share your story in a way that makes you feel empowered.


Moon in Sagittarius: This New Moon will inspire a new adventure, Sagittarius. This adventure could be a physical trip somewhere, or it may be a new business venture. You are lit up by the season of Aries and are ready to take on something new. What will it be? Allow yourself to feel motivated and inspired by the energy in the air. You are excellent at executing the new ideas you get, but it’s important to aim for one specific task at a time. Need help figuring out what that might be exactly? Download our GlowBook exercises to help you get started here.

Moon in Capricorn: This isn’t a time for logic, Capricorn. You seek to justify every action you take and dream that you dream. Logic isn’t what got you to where you are right now. Allow yourself to dream without trying to make sense of how things will happen. Everything will fall into place as it should. Resisting your dreams because you don’t know how they will happen will only cause more detours. Money is a big issue for you. You tend to worry yourself that things won’t happen because the funds won’t be there. Let go of this fear for just this week, at least. If money wasn’t a thing, what would you strive to do? What would you conquer? Allow yourself to dream with those thoughts in mind this week and see what comes up for you.

Moon in Aquarius: Mix things up this week and approach situations with different perspectives, Aquarius. You pride yourself on standing out from others and going against the crowd. But what does that mean? Bring some spunk into your life this week and be easy going with others. You naturally stand out in the crowd already. Ease yourself from any tension you’ve been feeling and just enjoy yourself. Take some time to look at things differently. If you want a new perspective, check out the IGC Mastermind and learn from a variety of coaches and teachers that can help you shift how you’re showing up so that you can have everything you want! 

Moon in Pisces: This New Moon is a little uncomfortable for you, Pisces. You like to do things at your own pace and are a very go with the flow kind of person. The energy of Aries is asking you to go all in on something with vigor and determination. Don’t be so la-de-da about your dreams. OUCH. But really, Pisces, Aries is here to light a fire under your ass and get you up and moving. Sometimes you forget how much power you truly have. Take time this week to really take action on a dream of yours.